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  • 문예가
    문예가 2 个月前

    I can't believe you skipped on Hala Hala, Pirate King and Treasure. I think you're gonna like them, and the Win performance at their Seoul Concert, that song slaps hard

  • Bella
    Bella 2 个月前

    Btw, Ateez is so good that I still can’t believe they are "rookies"

  • Rania B
    Rania B 2 个月前(修改过)

    Another reason why they don’t get as much views is because you also have to take in mind that they are not as big of a group as like others that you have reacted to. They debuted not too long ago and are still not recognized as much. They also are part of a smaller company. Agencies in Korea is one of the reasons why some groups are big and some are not. The most popular agency will have groups that are very popular. Like JYP Ent. has a long history of record breaking groups and when Twice debuted, the agency’s success transferred to their success. If Ateez gets these views, you know they are really good and talented because it’s quite rare for a group from a small agency to even get past 10 million views. Also the first 2 dudes you liked in the Say My Name mv are the 2 rappers of the group. The one with the mullet is called Hongjoong and the deep ass voice one is Mingi

  • Aliii Rxsa
    Aliii Rxsa 2 个月前

    Ateez ROTY World domination 🔥

  • Atinymatata
    Atinymatata 2 个月前


  • I_Love_BangTan 21
    I_Love_BangTan 21 2 个月前

    Since I saw no comments about this-

  • Afiq Asyrofi
    Afiq Asyrofi 2 个月前

    "How many pauses do you want in the video?"

  • Jenny Song
    Jenny Song 2 个月前

    idk if anyone already said this but it’s pronounced A as in the letter, or “aye” and then “tease” so aye-teez if that makes sense

  • star *
    star * 2 个月前

    since no one has said it, the guy doing all the high notes and whistle tones is jongho! he’s the main vocal and youngest (maknae) of the group :)

  • JC Rabz
    JC Rabz 2 个月前(修改过)


  • Destiny
    Destiny 2 个月前

    NEXT: EVERGLOW (thank me later)

  • Khokha Rabiai
    Khokha Rabiai 2 个月前

    Please react to stray kids :

  • PogingCJ Magat
    PogingCJ Magat 2 个月前

    Appreciate your positive comments but your pauses killing the vibes tbh

  • Wed
    Wed 2 个月前

    Reaction to:

  • Yashika
    Yashika 2 个月前

    Bruh you missed Hala Hala. The moment you watch Hala Hala, you’ll need another lighter.

  • Mixam Asia
    Mixam Asia 2 个月前

    Pls react to Nct:

  • Sarushka __
    Sarushka __ 2 个月前

    Pls, Next boy group-NCT 🙏🏼

  • Kornelia xyz
    Kornelia xyz 2 个月前(修改过)

    If You'd like to watch some BTS live perfs, here are some recommendations:

  • Taetae artsJ-K
    Taetae artsJ-K 2 个月前


  • rahyama
    rahyama 2 个月前(修改过)