• 首播开始于 2020年5月7日

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  • Jimin's rise
    Jimin's rise 6 个月前(修改过)

    watch to BTS MMA 2019. This is the best live ever in the world. Seriously

  • Kah Chaves
    Kah Chaves 6 个月前

    "This song is DOPE."

  • natashaaa coan
    natashaaa coan 6 个月前


  • •Winter Bear•
    •Winter Bear• 6 个月前(修改过)

    To jhope : "that's rm right ?! Yeah that's ma dogg!!!"

  • Lorina Alexa
    Lorina Alexa 6 个月前

    * * turns on subtitles * * , ”Spanish (auto generated) ” , ”I think the subtitles are in french” I DIED

  • Eduarda Dourado
    Eduarda Dourado 6 个月前

    RM: breathes*

  • Ann13 26
    Ann13 26 6 个月前

    please watch BTS"ON" " Black Swan" "Blood, Sweat, And Tears" and also "Not Today" "Fire"

  • Satsya Noun
    Satsya Noun 6 个月前

    Gogo actually has the easiest choreography...check out DNA

  • damnbangtan
    damnbangtan 6 个月前

    Watching Go Go

  • Dm B-Cym
    Dm B-Cym 6 个月前

    "This is my favorite live performance."

  • Jytte Aerts
    Jytte Aerts 6 个月前

    Also... the boy with Luv live performance is litterly the CEO of “Lets all wear suits and dont tell namjoon” 😂

  • Raiza The Artist
    Raiza The Artist 6 个月前

    “Bruh he look mad young” yeah he looks younger with his hair down

  • Fray 1326
    Fray 1326 6 个月前

    You should react to bts- “black swan” and “on kinetic manifesto film and also the “on” mv

    EUNICE JUEZAN 6 个月前(修改过)

    “That’s mah dog”

  • Emily Galvan
    Emily Galvan 6 个月前

    “This song is dope” you should listen to dope from bts 😂

  • Raiza The Artist
    Raiza The Artist 6 个月前

    “Bruh he look mad young” yeah he looks younger with his hair down

  • Steph A
    Steph A 6 个月前

    "This music is fire. ITS LITERALLY FIRE. Yo, this is dope." Theres a bts song called dope tooo lmaooooo

  • - Elle -
    - Elle - 6 个月前

    Quick tip: when it says “auto generated” for subtitles/captions just don’t bother turning them on 😂💜

  • Ann13 26
    Ann13 26 6 个月前

    Please Watch Seventeen "Clap" "Don't Wanna Cry" "Fallin Flower" "Home" and "Very Nice"

  • Mitha Avriyanti
    Mitha Avriyanti 6 个月前

    You have to see “dionysus” performance, they are so lit!!!