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    LALO CUEVAS 1 个月前

    BTS "Not Today" "Dope" "DNA" are really popular ones and very choreography influenced 🔥👍👍👍

  • Chloe Grisa
    Chloe Grisa 1 个月前

    Interviewer: "whats your favorite lyrics on this album?"

  • JK's Pardon
    JK's Pardon 1 个月前

    I really like this dude's energy ngl. And honestly I don't mind the pausing at all, I mean he is enjoying the video, I don't see the problem.

  • Aimie Rosman
    Aimie Rosman 1 个月前(修改过)

    if you like to hear more to hip hop , you can check on “Not today” , “Mic Drop” , “danger” , “no more dreams” and if you want the latest song with MV, you can check “ON kinetic menifesto, which basically more to choreography/dance” , “ON official MV” and “Black Swan” enjoy! :D Also, you can watch “BTS carpool karaoke” they showing their personality there!

  • Chloe Grisa
    Chloe Grisa 1 个月前

    him: "we just hit 20k!"

  • Kryssy B
    Kryssy B 1 个月前

    "You guys probably think i'm over reacting"

  • Oobie Houseleft
    Oobie Houseleft 1 个月前

    Kim is a Korean last name not their first name.

  • Ani Hayari
    Ani Hayari 1 个月前(修改过)

    When he said Kim, it's Jin aka Kim Seok Jin based on his reaction before. Actually there are three Kim on BTS : Kim Seok Jin, Kim Nam Joon aka RM and Kim Tae Hyung aka V.

  • Malaika Chaudhry
    Malaika Chaudhry 1 个月前

    If he reacts to “UGH” and “SHADOW” he’ll be shook af

  • Ka tie
    Ka tie 1 个月前

    I can’t believe we’re in 2020 and people still think “who is bts? the 7 members of bts” is a good video to introduce bts to someone interested in them......

  • KrisAnne
    KrisAnne 1 个月前

    Try and not finish bts videos before it actually ends because there is usually an ending scene! U actually paused to early because you did miss a part but other then that it was good!

  • Arnita Rizka
    Arnita Rizka 1 个月前

    Please reaction to BTS MV:

  • Lovely Army
    Lovely Army 1 个月前(修改过)

    React to bts :

  • XhYuNgTaE
    XhYuNgTaE 1 个月前

    React to :

  • My domain DOPEMAN_com
    My domain DOPEMAN_com 1 个月前

    Him : "Shout out to the sis who watching!!!"

  • SARA kØoK
    SARA kØoK 1 个月前

    plz react to "MMA2019" NOT "Mama2019" 😊

  • Emma
    Emma 1 个月前

    "I'm gonna give you the slowmo" like we all haven't seen this video 5k times and comeback to it often 😂😂

  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 1 个月前

    fun fact: they actually set that person on fire, literally FIRE

  • Angelo Javier
    Angelo Javier 1 个月前

    React to BTS' DIMPLE and PIED PIPER on 5th Muster in Seoul! You need to react on it consecutively! It's a great live performance!!!

  • Tamia James
    Tamia James 1 个月前

    I'm waiting for merch that says "I forgot the captions" LOL