• 首播开始于 2020年5月15日

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  • Aaron-Tin Vien
    Aaron-Tin Vien 4 个月前

    Wow that’s on people waiting for the vid 4 hours before it premieres 🧚‍♂️🤩💅✨

  • 송은진
    송은진 4 个月前

    The rapper girl is "soyeon", she is so good and produce all of g-idle bops 🧡

  • Daria O
    Daria O 4 个月前

    From Gidle you should also react to ,,Uh oh" and ,,Latata"

  • Anna Atienza
    Anna Atienza 4 个月前(修改过)


  • keep guessing
    keep guessing 4 个月前

    ughhh where is Latata, that is their most viewed song :(

  • Wolfroar xx
    Wolfroar xx 4 个月前

    But now imagine he plays league of legends XD he would go crazy listening to giants or kda

  • Stephanie D
    Stephanie D 4 个月前(修改过)

    I really wish he’d seen their music video ‘Uh Oh’ where Soyeon raps into a mic in flames, I would have loved to see his reaction to that especially after he’d been hyping her up already

  • It goes down down baby

    The rapper name is "Soyeon"

  • Bella Chachaaa
    Bella Chachaaa 4 个月前

    if you want to react to more (g)idle ,this is my suggestion

  • VionysusTae7
    VionysusTae7 4 个月前(修改过)

    Boy group : Stray kids, ikon, nct u, winner, txt ,monstaX, 2pm, sf9,btob, Cnblue, Ftisland, Nflying, The rose

  • Momo _TM
    Momo _TM 4 个月前(修改过)

    React to :

  • ngii i
    ngii i 4 个月前

    Hoping for a part 2 for this:

  • Luchs
    Luchs 4 个月前


  • Anna Atienza
    Anna Atienza 4 个月前

    I love how they're so different from other girl groups. They don’t stay within either cute or girl crush, they go with their own style.

  • Thrynxxi
    Thrynxxi 4 个月前

    You skipped their debut song and most famous one I think which is “LATATA”. That song is also LIT.

  • Potato Turner
    Potato Turner 4 个月前

    Broooo, you should react to their song "Uh-oh". Soyeon's rap in there is literal fire, you'd love it 🔥🔥🙌

  • rumi1379
    rumi1379 4 个月前

    - Soyeon - the blonde leader and rapper, produces and writes all of their songs, thinks about the concepts and choreography! A 20 year old genius! She can also play different instruments like piano, drums, guitar..

  • Nicole Saroli
    Nicole Saroli 4 个月前

    Das was literally me when i first heard (g)i-dle lmao.

  • Aaron S.
    Aaron S. 4 个月前

    Who keeps telling u to stop pausing???? Pause all u want, it’s better that way in a reaction. We don’t want u speaking your thoughts while the video is still playing, possibly missing the best parts in the mv. Ignore these comments wanting u to stop pausing. They just want to watch the music videos straight thru while a random guy says nothing on the screen the whole time

  • ssj4 rts
    ssj4 rts 4 个月前(修改过)

    Does anyone know how he pick which group he will react to? We have to vote? and where do i do that? So basically the groups with the biggest fandoms will win on the the votes or i dont know how it works :( or is it enough to request groups here? i just really want him to react to Mamamoo haha