• 2020年5月12日

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    THATGUYS4 5 个月前(修改过)

    I think I’m a fan of K-Pop Now!!

  • Theresia Adinda
    Theresia Adinda 5 个月前(修改过)

    hii sorry if its too long but imma drop this heree

  • Bree A
    Bree A 5 个月前(修改过)

    Hey man thanks for the great reaction! BTS’s discography is extremely diverse, you just happened to go for their more “poppy” songs 😂 What a lot of people don’t realize is that some of the greatest songs from them don’t actual have MVs (Music Video, btw) because they’re side-tracks. So let me let you know a little something about BTS:

  • Shanz Oni
    Shanz Oni 5 个月前

    NCT 127 Kick it, Regular (English Version), Chain

  • Belle Chelle
    Belle Chelle 5 个月前

    You must do more of NCT! They have such great songs like 7th Sense, Regular (english version), Baby Don't Stop, Boss, Simon Says. Newest songs out though right now is the one you reacted to and also NCT 127 - Kick It. =)

  • Mary Iva
    Mary Iva 5 个月前

    BTS will always be the first and the most favorite group for me. I may really like other bands, but they can never replace BTS in my heart. I just feel a special connection with them (maybe this will seem strange, but I think the army will understand me). They are like a second family to me.

  • Changbins yAww
    Changbins yAww 5 个月前

    Nct has a lot of reallyyy unique songs I think you’ll like these

  • Yuna Xiao
    Yuna Xiao 5 个月前

    Thanks for reacting to NCT! You just reacted to their youngest NCT sub-unit NCT Dream and they're already amazing. I definitely recommend NCT 127 which is the elder group of NCT and they have songs which are more hiphop influenced style, such as songs like Kick It, Simon Says, Regular (I love the latin vibe of this one and you can check out the english version of this song). Love your reaction and it is always great to see people enjoy different culture and music!

  • marking ;
    marking ; 5 个月前

    I think you will like the style of nct a lot ... I recommend you: the 7th sense by NCT U, regular (English version) by NCT 127 and boom by NCT DREAM

  • Naia19
    Naia19 5 个月前

    I was like you when I first listened to BTS!! Bubblegum pop isn't really my thing but the first song of theirs that I heard was Boy With Luv so I slept on them till literally like a month ago 😭 

  • Mich Dorado
    Mich Dorado 5 个月前

    NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology . from Sm Ent . NCT has a unlimited amount of members . Overall NCT has 21 members . 4 sub units.

  • Mega Maharani
    Mega Maharani 5 个月前

    i think u should react bts mic drop, not today, fire, dope, chyper, outro:tear, and ugh!

  • Hvna
    Hvna 5 个月前

    I’ll look forward to more BTS reactions ! They are one of the most versatile group out there and are truly open with the fans and encouraging everyone to do our best with songs like Not Today, Dope...

  • janeth castro
    janeth castro 5 个月前(修改过)

    React to NCT 127- Cherry Bomb/ Whiplash ( have you heard this one ? It slaps)/ and Simon says those songs are Lit🔥🔥🔥

  • roua ace
    roua ace 5 个月前

    u seem that u liked nct ...react to their big brothers nct 127 kick it and their new song who gonna drop on the 19th this month punch plz

  • Jeanne DeGraaf
    Jeanne DeGraaf 5 个月前

    i have a feeling that you'll find mic drop by bts and steve aoki to be a solid bop

  • NARII -
    NARII - 5 个月前(修改过)

    Please reaction more of NCT ♥️

  • dani •-•
    dani •-• 5 个月前

    I got excited when he brought up Yoongi being a 'real' rapper because I already know where ARMY is gonna lead him. ^^

  • WooHoon
    WooHoon 5 个月前(修改过)

    react to :

  • Martina Amato
    Martina Amato 5 个月前

    Great reaction! Please react to Nct 127-Kick it, you’ll love it!