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  • Maribella R
    Maribella R 4 个月前

    RM’s Solo Song: “do you do you do you do you do you do you”

  • Aliii Rxsa
    Aliii Rxsa 4 个月前

    The video: shows Suga's lyrics about his depression and his lyrics encouraging others

  • HeyyItsKayy
    HeyyItsKayy 4 个月前(修改过)

    For Jin’s joke, “lawsuit” is a bad translation, but in Korean it is “SooSong” meaning Soo(Korean for a cow sound) and the English word Song so MooSong

  • Jasmine Casin Hernandez

    "their synchronization is good"

  • Sebin
    Sebin 4 个月前

    Actually jungkook was 13 years old when he joined BTS he said 15 because he was 15 in korean age that is different from international age that is 13 (they count differently)

  • Bruna Prado
    Bruna Prado 4 个月前

    You should react to bts cyphers series, they have cypher part 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  • okay yes
    okay yes 4 个月前

    Not when he said, “I could have been your 8th member.” I just died 😂. Love your reaction.

  • akbravo 26
    akbravo 26 4 个月前

    The “Big 3” is the top 3 company’s or entertainments, (YG, JYP, SM) they’re the most popular and wealthiest entertainments whilst bts is from Bighit Entertainement

  • Noemy
    Noemy 4 个月前

    Jimin is not "sad over every little thing" as you said, he isn't someone who's insecure in general (the video only showed those part when he didn't feel good unfortunately) he knows he's good, he's confident when it comes to singing and dancing but as a perfectionist you always want to be and do better, good isn't enough, you're going to try to be as excellent as you can and that's a wonderful spirit to have. Wanting to be better is what everyone should want. Just because he sometimes feels down doesn't mean he's not confident/doesn't know he's good.

  • lilas marguier
    lilas marguier 4 个月前

    watching jimin dances : 'i cant, it's a christian channel' 😭😭

  • Michelle Perez
    Michelle Perez 4 个月前

    You should react to “From nobodies to legends 2019”

  • Indigo BROWN
    Indigo BROWN 4 个月前(修改过)

    LilBuu: "For those of you who don't know, I f*cking love friends"

  • Springdayisthatbit**_ AP

    That dad joke of Jin’s was a play on words in Korean. It makes no sense in English but it’s def a good dad joke in Korean.

  • Nynke Veen
    Nynke Veen 4 个月前


  • firiosvet
    firiosvet 4 个月前

    Jin's jokes are actually pretty good, you just have to know korean to understand them. I started learning the language recently and I'm laughing often now remembering them

  • dimpledhope
    dimpledhope 4 个月前(修改过)

    Why do you keep saying you can’t comment on their looks, you are allowed to say they’re good looking lmao

  • ChimChinita
    ChimChinita 4 个月前

    "You sing like that and you worried that people will not like your singing? .... This man is fire!" Yes, Jimin worried then and really tried his best to be good...and he turned out to be one of the best in BTS. The reason Jimin appeared so insecure with his singing voice in that video clip was because that eas recorded from the early times of BTS. Now, with the success of BTS and Jimin's solo songs Lie, Serendipity, Promise, and Filter, he definitely has more confidence now while realizing his dream...🤗

  • Marissa Lepo
    Marissa Lepo 4 个月前

    BTS is basically the classic underdog story that everybody loves. Their company was basically bankrupt when they decided to create BTS as a last ditch effort. They made it through years of ridicule by the korean entertainment industry (literally openly hated on by many mostly because they weren’t the standard “idol”) and they are now one of the biggest groups in the world. The “Big 3” is a term used to call the major 3 entertainment companies in kpop. They are YG entertainment, JYP entertainment and SM entertainment. They were the first group to ever win album of the year not being under one of the “big 3” labels. That’s where their career took a turning point and it’s been history ever since. ✌🏼

  • Julia Crawford
    Julia Crawford 3 个月前

    BTS are basically all soulmates. Even they think that their relationship is special.

  • Ana7 G
    Ana7 G 4 个月前(修改过)