H1 Alpha Hummer with the NEW Full Size 6 passenger seating 下載

  • 2018年3月22日

  • This Alpha Hummer H1 came to Predator for a ground up restoration and a fully built Duramax Diesel engine. From the full Powder Coated Gloss black frame with accented Metallic Blues to the Kevlar Coated Viper Blue paint. We added a ton of Predator Inc accessories that really bring out its inner beast. This is truly a one of a kind build without a single bolt left un-turned. We are also featuring a brand new modification in this video. Predators all NEW Full Size 6 passenger seating!!!


  • Brian S
    Brian S 1年前

    Another off-road vehicle guaranteed to never go off-road.

  • Stigs Ukrainian Cousin

    Not enough light bars

  • Chthonian121
    Chthonian121 1年前

    I feel like it needs more light bars and LEDs

  • Evan Rogers
    Evan Rogers 1年前

    That’s gotta get like what, 20-30 Feet to the gallon?

  • Gnarls 1408
    Gnarls 1408 2年前

    Scared of the dark mate?

  • Jeduraiya
    Jeduraiya 1年前

    So....how much does it cost?

  • Jason Armstrong
    Jason Armstrong 2年前

    No machine gun turret? Blasphemy!

  • ultimaetsolder
    ultimaetsolder 1年前

    Wow that stitching is terrible. The client should not have accepted that.

  • raulgalvanjr
    raulgalvanjr 1年前

    New drinking game. Take a drink every time he says "phenomenal"

  • T S
    T S 10 个月前

    Stitching on the interior doesn’t look very good 🧐

  • Tommy Grønvold
    Tommy Grønvold 2年前

    Someone is afraid of the dark...

  • MrSantiago214
    MrSantiago214 1年前

    the stitching at

  • Jeremy Burleson
    Jeremy Burleson 2年前

    Cool build, but the front seat is literally like 2" inches away from the back seat

  • M. B.
    M. B. 2年前

    So you talk about how the engine is built up in your engine shop and turbos upgraded but mention nothing about hp/tq this truck makes?

  • New Lion
    New Lion 2年前

    Nice mall cruiser

  • mitdbtsitbmio
    mitdbtsitbmio 1年前

    terrible interior... everything else is on point!

  • Rebel Guy
    Rebel Guy 2年前

    I asked for a Hummer at a dealership once....I'm not allowed at that dealership anymore!

  • kwnyupstate
    kwnyupstate 1年前

    I would add a cage on the roof for transporting enemy combatants.

  • yutuniopati
    yutuniopati 2年前

    Not enough phenomenal

  • Ádám Zalabai
    Ádám Zalabai 2年前

    Most badass Hummer I've ever seen.