• 2020年5月17日

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  • janella san juan
    janella san juan 4 个月前

    use this as a “happy birthday emma” button.

  • Noor Al Rajhi
    Noor Al Rajhi 3 个月前

    can we talk about how good she put the icing on the cupcakes

  • Hey Harlow!
    Hey Harlow! 3 个月前

    I feel like Emma is the only person who actually uses Omegle right:

  • Kendra Lyttle
    Kendra Lyttle 3 个月前(修改过)

    Are we gonna talk about the guy whose chat said he was wall-twerking for coronavirus using a mask as a thong and how Emma just had a casual conversation with him? 😳😂 EDIT:I’ve never gotten this many likes on a comment wow😳

  • Cate Carter
    Cate Carter 3 个月前

    A random person who likes this will be a billionaire

  • Samuel
    Samuel 4 个月前

    A random person liking this will be a millionaire soon.

  • Vihaan Manglani
    Vihaan Manglani 2 个月前


  • Lailah Bezan
    Lailah Bezan 1 个月前

    I’m concerned for that one little girl Emma talked to. She looked frightened just by Emma asking her if she wanted to decorate a cupcake, I feel scared for her on this website

  • edielonyt
    edielonyt 3 个月前

    "i get it if your deciding to skip me, i would skip me too."

  • ThePrincess Asiana
    ThePrincess Asiana 2 个月前

    Are we going to talk about why that little girl was on her looking terrified with all these pedophiles out there...😭 ohMyGod

  • Dani
    Dani 4 个月前

    “You look like Emma... Emma something”

  • Ryleigh
    Ryleigh 1 个月前


  • girlplays adoptme
    girlplays adoptme 2 个月前

    British accent: Is that Emma Chamberlain

  • Sophie S
    Sophie S 1 个月前

    Emma: "Omg a bearded dragon! Where do you find one of those?"

  • Apple Wood
    Apple Wood 3 个月前

    Emma and the guy vibing is the best thing ever

  • Emily Wass
    Emily Wass 3 个月前

    "luckily i'm not 20 YET"

  • McKenzie Pelletier
    McKenzie Pelletier 2 个月前


  • Aesthetic x Livy
    Aesthetic x Livy 1 个月前

    No one: Emma: “iS tHe BiRtHdAy SoNg CoPyRiGhTeD??!”

  • Erie Garcia
    Erie Garcia 2 个月前

    “yup i’m chillin too...”

  • Felicie Chave
    Felicie Chave 3 个月前

    Why does the frosting on Emma’s mouth look like a clown after she took a bite