Hermitcraft 7: Episode 21 - BIG INTERIOR BUILD! 下載

  • 2020年5月16日

  • Hermitcraft 7: Episode 21 - BIG INTERIOR BUILD! Grian builds more of his mega mansion build, gets scar a cat and starts off the mumbo for mayor campaign! Unlisted livestream: https://youtu.be/gCbbx5-2vFY Pearl's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1GJ... #hermitcraft #minecraft


  • Viridis Coyote
    Viridis Coyote 1 个月前

    Name some wild parrots "Mumbo for Mayor" and release them into the shopping district!

  • Remco Verstrepen
    Remco Verstrepen 1 个月前

    Hey grian! I am a False fan and she recently got some nasty comments on her videos bcs of young mumbo/grian fans who are really rude (about the mayor stuff). I know X just spoke up about it, but could you please adress it super quickly in a next video? Just a brief mention so the young fans would see it will help a lot I think! Thank you :D

  • איתמר בן עזרא

    Most common phrase in hermitcraft :

  • Graeme Stewart
    Graeme Stewart 1 个月前

    Mom can we get a jellie?

  • juvenilewitch 483
    juvenilewitch 483 1 个月前

    the back of the mansion is like that one part of your math homework that you completely ignore bc its to hard


    episode 6 of asking for grian and scar to make a company called, “Pesky Bird & Jellie,” or for short, “PB&J.”

  • Tyler Lewis
    Tyler Lewis 1 个月前

    Me: I want mumbo to be mayor

  • Wolf Voids
    Wolf Voids 1 个月前

    Grian : And there truely only one man for the job

  • Nuclear Raccoon
    Nuclear Raccoon 1 个月前


  • Mr Waffles
    Mr Waffles 1 个月前

    Me: finally gets caught up with the hermitcraft season. Also me realizing that I have nothing to watch anymore

  • AiryGamesYT
    AiryGamesYT 1 个月前

    at the end of the season sell everyone’s door, for like 20 diamonds each

  • thatcrazeykid 118
    thatcrazeykid 118 1 个月前

    "And there truly is only one man for the job..."

  • Aaisha Ismail
    Aaisha Ismail 1 个月前

    "that should be simple enough for mumbo"

  • Cooper Downey
    Cooper Downey 1 个月前

    Who else thinks that Grian should build a giant blimp over the shopping district that says VOTE FOR THE MUSTACHE on it and have mumbos mustache under the wording.

  • Diamond Dogs
    Diamond Dogs 1 个月前

    You know, all those arches that resemble an "A" and the dark prismarin, this could very well be a Atlantis build

  • utkarsh Choudhary
    utkarsh Choudhary 1 个月前

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much hard work they do on their bases.

  • Zi Xiong
    Zi Xiong 1 个月前

    Grian: 'I've had enough cats for today'

  • Halo
    Halo 1 个月前(修改过)

    Grian: Look how sad he is.

  • TrollFace Jr
    TrollFace Jr 1 个月前

    front of the mansion:

  • Insanity Flare
    Insanity Flare 1 个月前(修改过)

    Grian, voicing the villager: "I'm Batman!"