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  • 2020年4月8日

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  • Narz Test
    Narz Test 5 个月前

    Logans had the best comeback in YouTube history, proved everyone wrong

  • Rollin Raulston
    Rollin Raulston 5 个月前

    Tbh I didn’t even notice mike gone. Evan is such a better support character for the vlogs. Takes me back to the old days

  • BroDiePie
    BroDiePie 4 个月前

    Who else coming back to these vlogs cuz you cant spend a day without watching this type of Logan Paul

  • Earl Givanna
    Earl Givanna 5 个月前(修改过)

    I just died laughing when Evan pulled a machete. the face he was doing we he cutting the tape bridge and Logan shaking when he knew what was happening

  • Catarina's Life In The Distance

    Evan and Logan's friendship will always be gold.

  • Mr. Eggy
    Mr. Eggy 5 个月前

    Logan had the best comeback on youtube history, proved everyone is wrong

  • Jennie Mathers
    Jennie Mathers 5 个月前

    Being stuck in quarantine with Logan would be the least boring, but the most stressful 😂

  • Caitlin Fowler
    Caitlin Fowler 5 个月前

    no one:

  • 10 Million Subscribers No Video Challenge

    Why was Mike even in Logan's videos? I for realllll love it without him because he thinks he owns the vlogs. It was Logan who gave him success and even got his girlfriend.. (6$ shrimp) what a friend..

  • Thomas Nieto
    Thomas Nieto 5 个月前

    Logan not even going to lie, you have the most amazing fricken hilarious life i've even seen and i would hecka love to be you in your life or even your friend in that matter as all your content is sooooo funyyyyy

  • 12th Fret
    12th Fret 5 个月前

    And suddenly it’s so refreshing not seeing mike and Lana. Logan and Evan are hilarious together

  • Emma Waters
    Emma Waters 4 个月前

    tries to help

  • To sparkz
    To sparkz 5 个月前

    Evan going across the duck tape was like him going across the wall of China

  • Odosa Amadasun
    Odosa Amadasun 5 个月前

    any other atiny saying “you’re not jongho, you can’t break the watermelon.” 😂

  • KingOPS l00l
    KingOPS l00l 5 个月前

    Evan:Logan logan

  • Larissa
    Larissa 5 个月前

    Evan ruining the vlog at the end is the funniest thing he's ever done

  • Projectnomad 2020
    Projectnomad 2020 5 个月前

    When Evan started cutting the bridge I died I was like damn he really hurt ab u not liking the shrimp 🤣🤣

  • Anonymous Latty
    Anonymous Latty 1 个月前

    My man got a beard and made the biggest YouTube comeback

  • Eric DNO
    Eric DNO 4 个月前

    "I hear doomsday.. i think ducktape"

  • woof woof shiba dog’s son

    When I try Tiktok for the first time.