Kiki Xu ranked 4th again 许佳琪排名重回前4 | Youth With You2 青春有你2| iQIYI 下載

  • 2020年5月17日

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  • iQIYI 爱奇艺
    iQIYI 爱奇艺 4 个月前

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  • Jolly like Willy
    Jolly like Willy 4 个月前

    For me she has the potential as a center

  • Y25_H01
    Y25_H01 4 个月前

    She's a strong girl... You can see that how happy she is... I hope she could maintain this rank, i really want her to debut along with Xin Liu and An Qi

  • Bae J
    Bae J 4 个月前

    she deserves that no1 spot. without favouritism and rigged votes. pls don’t stop voting kiki xu. she needs us ✊

  • sone exotic
    sone exotic 4 个月前

    I don’t want Kiki to be able to debut only, I want her to be the center

  • Black Baroness
    Black Baroness 4 个月前

    When they showed a recap of her stage performances, notice the stark differences in the genre of each.

  • Bae J
    Bae J 4 个月前

    “i hope in the next ranking announcement, it would become a firework with the most beautiful sparks, and i could take the place i wish for” 🌹

  • Mishalene Baskaran
    Mishalene Baskaran 4 个月前

    Kiki is legit the best centre cause her dance steps are always on point, her vocals are improving alot even mentor ella praised her for that, her charisma and charms are literally no joke. I really think she could bring a perfect group if she’s the centre! VOTE FOR KIKI XU JIAQI FOR TOP1 GUYS!!!

  • ending scene
    ending scene 4 个月前

    love how everyone in NDR team is very supportive of each other, they genuinely showed their love to Kiki when she mentioned them and i know Snow must be proud too.

  • EunRin Sy
    EunRin Sy 4 个月前

    Kiki should be top 1 at the final lineup. Her charisma shan't go wasted

  • xjqlmsy
    xjqlmsy 4 个月前

    As long as Kiki's happy, i'm happy😁 though still believes she can be top 3🤧

  • Dai Xu
    Dai Xu 4 个月前

    Kiki for me is the center material ❤️ She can do any concept, and she's always slayin' ..

  • Paul Brian N. Albos
    Paul Brian N. Albos 4 个月前

    Eliwa Xu is so proud for Kiki Xu, even though she herself didn't make it. She's trying to hold back her tears and tried to cheer her friend.

  • Bae J
    Bae J 4 个月前

    her bun her earrings her looks aw her visual in this is out of this world. my love xujiaqi 💞

  • lăng tử hy
    lăng tử hy 4 个月前

    kiki xu - talented integrity, personality "unpredictable" extremely attractive😍😍😍

  • Dai Xu
    Dai Xu 4 个月前

    rank 4th again? as far as i remember, before her rank drop to 7th , she was on the 2nd rank. Kiki xu deserves more, i'm so proud of her . Jiayoooo baobei. Blackis will always support you no matter what. we will do our best for you to be on top 1 ❤️ .

  • lăng tử hy
    lăng tử hy 4 个月前

    kiki xu: Female center is relegated but always believed to hold a debut, waiting for the day to re-export😍😍😍

  • yellowiris xxfuqxis
    yellowiris xxfuqxis 4 个月前

    I like her.

  • payecinad
    payecinad 4 个月前

    Let's climb to the highest chair next time!!!!! 许你佳景 琪聚山顶 3

  • ______ R.
    ______ R. 4 个月前

    No matter what anyone else says or misunderstand you, I just believe in you. There are many people in the world who are aware of your attraction and strengths. Stay the most beautiful, the coolest, the cutest and the gentlest Kiki Xu jiaqi for those who love you.