Knowing Bros Episode 24 下載

  • 2018年1月28日


  • neudo Nasci
    neudo Nasci 5 个月前

    Não tem legenda em Português br 😢

  • Karshang Waiba
    Karshang Waiba 5 个月前


  • Ultra Instinct
    Ultra Instinct 5 个月前

    Heechul's drawing was amazing. It was like an anime character.

  • I will be biased on Red Velvet

    Han Chae-ah is so pretty.😍

  • Nikka Babes Ocnas
    Nikka Babes Ocnas 3 个月前

    Min kyung hoon is so funny here 😂

  • Reyhan Manik
    Reyhan Manik 5 个月前


  • Axel Zaid
    Axel Zaid 4周前

    When han chae said ahh he bit me and slapped him 😂 iam dieying

  • Melon Nanak
    Melon Nanak 5 个月前

    Hope you upload gfriend when they guested too with eng sub. I will subscribe though :)

  • istantoomanyppl
    istantoomanyppl 6 天前


  • Dosa Appadam
    Dosa Appadam 2 个月前

    Heechul draws Manga very nice. Remember when he trended for days on twitter back in 2010 for his drawings

  • Anthony Salazar Baltazar

    Where i can find spanish subs?

  • Beauty Bee
    Beauty Bee 2 个月前

    This episode was really a deep and emotional one. I know they are paid to make us laugh but deep down everyone has their own dreams be it unfulfilled, or regret from past failures they all cheer each each other on. Keep going guys. Love from Jamaica😊

  • pika_ chu
    pika_ chu 1 个月前

    Heechul bring heechul, love him!

  • I will be biased on Red Velvet

    I really cried in this episode. Behind their acts, deep inside, they also have nice dreams.

    YJM YJM 5 个月前

    I kind of thought some of that was not acting when he was telling her to let go of his neck.

  • Sparkle
    Sparkle 1 个月前

    Im really sad when sang min show hes dream,i searched on google what happaned to him idk if thats true but i felt sad when i finish reading it

  • Sasha B
    Sasha B 3 个月前

    Aww HoDong is so cute in this one haha

  • I love tamiya mini 4wd

    Kim young-cheol boss of D.A.N.G

  • Mamamoo Saranghanu
    Mamamoo Saranghanu 5 个月前

    She so funny🤣🤣

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen 2 个月前

    Perfect youtube account name to describe the show after it switched time 😔