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  • 2017年7月18日


  • yyy iistix
    yyy iistix 5 个月前

    Sungwoon is my new ideal type. I would marry him even he is more older than me

  • Tifa Lockart
    Tifa Lockart 5 个月前

    im having so much laugh in this episode. by far the best

  • TUhtReP834
    TUhtReP834 4 个月前


  • doop doop
    doop doop 5 个月前

    sungwoong is so cool. damn he is my ideal type

  • R U JELLY?
    R U JELLY? 5 个月前

    I am guessing jtbc lost some sort of agreement with YouTube so that is why all of this videos are becoming available again

  • Yagami Light
    Yagami Light 5 个月前

    LOOL im shipping Heechul and Sungwoon now!

  • Amin army
    Amin army 5 个月前

    Sungwoon is my ideal handsome and manly...I just love him 😍😍😍😍

  • Palsang Tamang
    Palsang Tamang 2 个月前

    Sungwoong knows how to go with variety shows 👏😂 love his wits

  • Taemintsmint Bonbons
    Taemintsmint Bonbons 5 个月前

    I am from Berlin and I have never seen this Berlin Dance🤔

  • Rico John Borneo

    She's the best female guest I have watched in guessing quizzes hahahha she's so funny

  • aina z
    aina z 5 个月前

    i think the actress trying to get to know jang hoon here. same goes to him. see how he wanted to change seats to sit next to her 😂

  • tasbeha
    tasbeha 4 个月前

    This was by far the funniest episode 😂😂😂😂

  • Zainal Hilmi
    Zainal Hilmi 2周前(修改过)


  • Sumaiya Karim
    Sumaiya Karim 1 个月前

    the most beautiful one was "su-mi"

  • XingsPeachyAnus
    XingsPeachyAnus 4 个月前

    Aaaahhhhhhh Galaga is still one of my favorite old time games. I was born in '95 but here in the U.S., we still have Galaga in arcades.

  • AGUST' D
    AGUST' D 2 个月前

    I can't imagine Sungwoon being bullied because of Sugeun.

  • ImFriendly
    ImFriendly 3周前

    Chae Jung An is such a cutie who could pose as a late 20s/mid 30s young lady

  • wakygakyhaky 05
    wakygakyhaky 05 4 个月前

    I came here after watched 'method'. I love park sung woong he is so funny and such professional actor. Proud of him

  • Bulbichi
    Bulbichi 2周前

    I lost it when

  • Vanessa Funes
    Vanessa Funes 3 个月前

    I would do anything to get jang hoons place lol. Like a peck and a hug is enough for me lmao 😂🥰😍