• 2020年2月28日

  • Hello, Welcome to GIGGLE Saturday Night Live!!! Which video do you love the most? Please leave us a comment below and tell us what to react to next!! And don't forget to subscribe for more fun content :)


  • Didi Love
    Didi Love 7 个月前

    The music should really be lowered. Still a good reaction.

  • once
    once 6 个月前

    the first one was about how men marry women decades younger than them. they brought out kids to be like "this will be your second wife in 10 years when they are 20 years old" or something yet the husbands will be olf

  • Sirbananasir
    Sirbananasir 6 个月前

    They should react to “ Who’s Line Is It Anyway” it’s a hilarious show and also my favorite comedy show

  • Laura12882
    Laura12882 7 个月前

    Music gets annoying after a while

  • Ac Cc
    Ac Cc 6 个月前

    "Why not? They look good together." Welcome to the club, sister.

  • overgiggle
    overgiggle 6 个月前

    the "mmm whatcha say" and "more cowbell" skits are still superior.

  • Dilli DORM
    Dilli DORM 6 个月前

    When I saw the librarian one I was like......"oh no"

  • C. K.
    C. K. 4 个月前

    The meet your second wife one is so true... how come so many old men in Hollywood date girls half their age!! Leo Dicaprio is like 50 and his girlfriend is 22 😬😬😬

  • Seeker KC
    Seeker KC 6 个月前

    Some hilarious SNL skits are the abduction ones like "Christmas Miracle," "Close Encounter," "Another Close Encounter," etc. Another one was with Jimmy Fallon & Hugh Jackman from waaaay back in December 2001 called "Jarret's Room," but I've never been able to find a video of it.

  • xPorsum
    xPorsum 7 个月前

    LOL I still remember the first time I watched that librarian skit I was like half laughing half shocked wondering what was going to happen next

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone 6 个月前

    They should react to Keenan and kel.

  • anonygent
    anonygent 5 个月前

    You should react to classic Monty Python skits, like Dead Parrot, Cheese Shop, Drunk Philosopher Song, Belgian Translation Book, Spanish Inquisition, Spam Cafe, I'm a Lumberjack, etc.

  • sommerrain46 Just
    sommerrain46 Just 7 个月前

    Off topic but are these two a couple? They are so cute together!! I love watching them review things... they bounce off each other so well.

  • Apotheosize
    Apotheosize 6 个月前

    yo lower the music I can barely hear the video

  • viola rebora
    viola rebora 3 个月前

    Sehee fangirling over Margot Robbie is literally a mood

  • John Takito
    John Takito 6 个月前

    I'm a simple man.

  • Metamorphesis
    Metamorphesis 6 个月前

    I wonder what their reaction would be to the Loney Island. I would love to think they might laugh at the humor.

  • Radmuseum
    Radmuseum 5 个月前

    "Hajima Margot Robbie-ssi" LMAO THIS IS SENDING ME

  • bigmaz88
    bigmaz88 6 个月前



    Her - isn't she cute