let's talk about blackpink member's popularity. 下載

  • 2020年5月11日

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  • cherrybubbles
    cherrybubbles 4 个月前

    Stop sleeping on Rosé and jisoo. Sleep on ur beds and stop hating on jennie and Lisa. First go and see your yourself in the mirror in conclusion Stan blackpink for clear skin.

  • Cy Cy
    Cy Cy 4 个月前

    Lisa Bias here but I followed all members and supports their solo success.

  • Shafrin Sidiq
    Shafrin Sidiq 4 个月前

    Y’all jisoo isn’t underrated. She’s under appreciated.

  • TrinityZS Studios
    TrinityZS Studios 4 个月前

    I agree. I feel like Lisa just attracts a lot of people. And Lisa a lot of times seems to be people’s first bias in blackpink (ALTHOUGH IM NOT SPEAKING FOR EVERYONE).

  • Anni Maus
    Anni Maus 4 个月前

    I think Lisa is the most popular member internationally bc she looks a lot more western than asian. Also she has this badass image.

  • Diana M Torres
    Diana M Torres 4 个月前

    For me what made me Lisa Biased was her stage presence, she never disappoints ☺️

  • Diana M Torres
    Diana M Torres 4 个月前(修改过)

    In the “blinks” community Jisoo is the most loved and supported because they see her as the underrated member that is really talented and deserves more recognition. But with Lisa and Jennie because they are the most popular, they are not that loved by “blinks” because they think they are overrated (which they are not, they deserve what they have achieved), and Rosie just falls in the middle because people think that she’s not the most mistreated nor the most popular so they just forget about her😢

  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 4 个月前

    I would never know about the world of kpop if it wasnt for Lisa.

    YEONTAN 4 个月前(修改过)


  • gummysmilegirl
    gummysmilegirl 4 个月前

    I’ve always thought it’s because Lisa and Jennie are rappers and portray more of a badass side while spitting bars non-stop

  • kate Marsh
    kate Marsh 4 个月前(修改过)

    These days i am seeing a lot Jisoo stan ( for good).Our Jisoo deserves attention. Lisa and Jennie are really famous ( They deserve it, Also they have the badass vibe cause they are rappers) at first i loved Lisa first but now i am oto4

  • Prima harrison
    Prima harrison 4 个月前

    Rośe is so good in acting and variety shows she need more promotions.

  • tsukkishima’s fingers

    Rosè and Jisoo dont get enough of attention that’s all I gotta say.

  • Blink to the Once
    Blink to the Once 4 个月前(修改过)

    There'll always be someone who's the most popular and someone who's least popular in every group. Plus Lisa and Jennie might be the most popular but Rosé and Jisoo have huge fanbases too, trust me.

  • Satarupa Ghosh
    Satarupa Ghosh 4 个月前(修改过)

    One more thing I think you forgot to mention about lisa is that she is a whole crackhead. she has the best funny personality than the other members when it cames to any behind the seance / bp house etc. And also the

  • Nezuko-Chan
    Nezuko-Chan 4 个月前

    This is actually true that Lisa has four different type of stans. My sister stans kpop, (only male groups,) but she likes Lisa a lot so she follows her. My other family members doesn’t stan kpop, but likes Lisa because she’s beautiful and stands out. My blink friends bias is Lisa because she just stood out to them and thinks she’s an all rounder as well.

  • asianism
    asianism 4 个月前

    I srsly think that Lisa's bangs and iconic ponytail helped her to be popular and remamble member. I also believe that there is no such an underrated member of this group, It's just that they're unappreciated specially Jisoo. Like yes I know Rosé too but since blinks was hungry for her solo she is also talked about. I also agreed about Jisoo being not able to speak english because me to myself I admit, I really love those idols who can fluently speak english bcause I feel I can communicate with them. If YG will just give them a fair treatment sure their will be more people to support them but it's impossible for them to have the same popularity.

  • brownskingoodness gold

    Lisa has the most followers because she has the most diverse fans. Thailand, Korea, etc.

  • Bangtan Brain
    Bangtan Brain 4 个月前

    people stan lisa because of her RAP not only her dance.

  • La LaLammone
    La LaLammone 4 个月前(修改过)

    I can't speak for anyone but I first know Lisa from