Magic of Hong Kong. Mind-blowing cyberpunk drone video of the craziest Asia’s city by 下載

  • 首播开始于 2019年10月7日

  • Please, subscribe to our channel: for collaborations and license footage Timelab live: Backstages, news, and unused footage Original Music by Artem Zinovyev Special thanks Vensus lens for Laowa 9mm f/2.8 lens. Laowa - Venus Optics youtube channel: Filmed with Zenmuse X7 camera, attached to a DJI Inspire 2 drone. The Timelab team are setting out on a whole series of international projects. “Upcoming we have Switzerland, Rome, and Paris. We want to film in the Arab nations too, as well as China, and start to film in Africa. Creative art videos filmed with drone of world destinations are our passion. We aim to create a documentary film portrait for every corner of our amazing planet.


  • fre.sha.vocado
    fre.sha.vocado 8 个月前(修改过)

    For those who haven't been to Hong Kong:

  • NME
    NME 1年前

    Every single frame could be a wallpaper.

  • Jack Bohloko
    Jack Bohloko 2 个月前

    This is crazzy wow

  • How To Make Sushi

    I want to be able to make videos like these!

  • Syeda Eimaan
    Syeda Eimaan 2 个月前

    The quality of this video is better than my eyesight

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 2 个月前(修改过)

    Hong Kong is just a crazy place:

  • hdid Jdidbd
    hdid Jdidbd 11 个月前

    Damn imagine showing this to somebody from the 1500´s

  • Julian Zehr
    Julian Zehr 1 个月前

    This video makes Hong Kong look like the greatest city on Earth.

  • Vladyslav Karasov

    The city looks cool, but I would never want to live there.

  • AbhiShake
    AbhiShake 2 个月前

    This music makes u feel powerful.

  • Alok Singh
    Alok Singh 4周前

    This is what people in 1970 thought the world will look like after 50 years

  • Abdul Mujib
    Abdul Mujib 1年前

    imagine people from the medieval era or ancient world watching this

  • Flashstar 123
    Flashstar 123 2 个月前

    The most amazing cities in Asia:

  • Arkya Das
    Arkya Das 3周前

    For records, Hong Kong is the city with the highest number of skyscrapers in the world, followed by New York.

  • Sahil Gupta
    Sahil Gupta 1周前

    Its hard to believe that every structure is made by humans

  • Barins Tae
    Barins Tae 1周前(修改过)

    I could watch this 100 times and won’t get bored

  • meme Smoke
    meme Smoke 1年前

    I want a GTA in hong Kong so bad.

  • Oz
    Oz 1 个月前

    I live in Hong Kong but I can't really notice the beauty...

  • exolnctzentrash
    exolnctzentrash 1 个月前

    this is insane. I need to go here before I die.

  • I'm kpop trash and professional fangirl

    Seriouslly, this is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever watched.