• 首播开始于 2020å¹´5月5日

  • MARTIN GARRIX LIVE ON DUTCH WATERS 🇳🇱(4K UHD + HDR) ♫ Drown is out now: Hope you all enjoyed this special liveset on the Dutch waters! 🇳🇱This video was shot in 4K UHD with HDR, so enjoy the beautiful colors and Dutch landscape! Turn on subtitles for the official lyrics! 💬 Subscribe to my channel: and turn on notification so you never miss one of my videos! 🔔 Follow Martin Garrix: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Follow STMPD RCRDS YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: 🎶 Martin Garrix Top Music Videos: Used To Love: Summer Days: High On Life: Ocean: Scared To Be Lonely: In The Name Of Love: There For You: So Far Away: Animals: #MartinGarrix #Liveset #Boat #STMPDRCRDS #StayHome #WithMe Powered by Insight TV Produced by Badbirds Director: Thomas De Vrij Creative Director: Damian Karsznia Producers: Joris Hoevenberg, Christiaan Den Drijver Field and Post Production Facilities: Badbirds, Cinesupply, Aeroplayfilms, United Audio Mastering: Arjan Rietvink InsightTV: Frank Le Mair, Lotte Eppink Special thanks to: STMPD RCRDS, Don Perridon, Stijn Verlinde, Nick Duinmaijer, Niels Gores, Simon Van De Pol, Sem Polak, Jelte Van Mourick, Michel Arens, Rein Martens, Maxim Kuijper, Jan Crommelinck, Thomas Demeyer, Steven Van Der Vorm, Maarten Slooves, Albert-Jan Van Leeuwen, Iva Rosa Kliphuis, David De Vrij, Koen De Vrij, Mats Warmenhoven, Coen Ten Kley, Fort Marina, Heli Holland, Visions, Zeelander Yachts and all the lovely people that sailed with us on the Dutch waters.


  • Martin Garrix
    Martin Garrix 4 个月前(修改过)

    Hope you all enjoyed this special liveset on the Dutch waters! 🇳🇱

    STMPD RCRDS 4 个月前

    What a crazy set 🌊

    IMBLASTER 3 个月前


  • João Vinnicius Oliveira
    João Vinnicius Oliveira 3 个月前

    Sem dúvida é o melhor de Martin garrix. Motion beautifull 😱😱😱💪💪☝🙏é nois Brasil

  • Evan JONES
    Evan JONES 2 个月前(修改过)

    Im convinced Martin Garrix, single handedly put Netherlands on the most happy country list.

    TRNQUL 3 个月前

    No wonder Netherlands is amongst the happiest countries

  • Nathie
    Nathie 4 个月前

    This is how we Dutch people party!

  • Dan Miranda
    Dan Miranda 3 个月前

    Are we just ignoring that 8 yo boy driving a boat on his own and absolutely having the best version of his life rn?

  • Edilma Almeida
    Edilma Almeida 3 个月前


  • Scott Decosse
    Scott Decosse 3 个月前

    I just turned 50 this month, this is one of the absolute coolest things I’ve ever seen...

  • Andrea Pigatto
    Andrea Pigatto 4 个月前(修改过)

    Netherlands ministry of tourism should give him some contributions for this. Who doesn't want to relocate to Amsterdam after this?

  • Franco Cardozo
    Franco Cardozo 4 个月前(修改过)


  • Alexandre HAUSSEGUY
    Alexandre HAUSSEGUY 1 天前(修改过)

    So insane bro !! 💥 I worked on this set with the same transitions and songs alone at home !! It was incredible with my DDJ400 !! Thanks 🙏 !!

  • Strides and Summits
    Strides and Summits 2 天前

    The only way this could be more Dutch is if we could get Van Gogh to paint it...

  • soham barot
    soham barot 3 个月前(修改过)

    this is called SOCIAL DISCTANCING

  • Cristhian Daniel
    Cristhian Daniel 2 个月前(修改过)


  • Xime Cuatetl
    Xime Cuatetl 4 个月前

    The only one that records a set with 4K cameras, drones, boats and a helicopter is Martin

  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh Kumar 3 个月前

    No one literally No even not Corona beat his passion for music 🔥

  • Daniel Worsley
    Daniel Worsley 4 个月前

    Makes me wanna be Dutch there on the boats with him

  • ChesQ -
    ChesQ - 3 个月前

    SpaceX should hook this man up for a ride while DJing