Mitsubishi L200 Triton 2020 (ENG) - Test Drive and Review 下載

  • 2020年5月1日

  • Mitsubishi L200 (or Triton of you live in Asia) at first glance looks brand new. However this is still the fifth generation, only face-lifted. I have to give the Mitsubishi designers credit, where credit is due. The blinged-out fascia looks massive and aggressive. If I didn’t tell you this was a facelift, you’d probably believe it was new, especially since the refreshed L200 is now longer. Extra length also means slightly different approach and departure angles. Mitsubishi L200 2020 is powered by a 2.2 litre, 150 hp diesel, producing 400 Nm of torque. It replaces two more powerful motors, but it has more torque than one of them. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual, or a 6-speed auto box. The latter replaces an old 5-speed automatic. The basic Mitsubishi L200 has a simpler Easy Select 4x4 system. All other versions get the more advanced Super Select system with a center and rear diff locks. There are also off road modes, which adapt the 4x4 settings to the surface you are driving on. I started a new channel - Marek's Gear (, where I'll be talking about the gear I use to make my shoe-string budget car reviews. Check it out, and please consider subscribing! Starting price: 32 000 euro As tested: 45 000 euro Also watch: Toyota Hilux Mercedes-Benz X Class Nissan Navara Ford Ranger Volkswagen Amarok Follow me: #MarekDrives #MitsubishiL200 #MitsubishiTriton Thanks for watching Marek Drives reviews. If you liked it, here are several other channels you may enjoy: Autophorie, Autogefühl, Bob Flavin, Carfection, Doug DeMuro, Driven Car Reviews, Fully Charged, TheSmokingTire, TheStraightPipes, VINwiki.


  • A Stick & 3 Pedals
    A Stick & 3 Pedals 5 个月前

    I guess you walk your car so you can have an excuse to go outside during lockdown if you don't have a dog or a cat.

  • B M Rogers
    B M Rogers 5 个月前(修改过)

    Good review. I've had my facelifted Triton (L200) for a year now. Have driven Rangers, Hiluxs and GM Colorados via work. Went for the Triton last year for added safety features and the price made the deal even better and local dealer in my town for services. Drive it daily along remote country roads. 30% gravel. The slightly narrower width is useful in narrow country roads. Doesn't miss a beat. The 3.5 tonne tow rating. Well I have no need to tow more than 2t - so not an issue - and if you were needing to tow 3.5t - you probably shouldn't be using a dbl cab ute. NZ has the 2.4 diesel engine and the new 6 speed autobox in it is fantastic.

  • Andrius M
    Andrius M 5 个月前

    For Toyota fans: did you watched moose test for Hilux?

  • kevin n
    kevin n 5 个月前

    I have no interest in pick ups but I watched the whole video because I knew you would make me laugh. More than mildly amusing! Thanks Marek.

  • KL_MN
    KL_MN 4 个月前

    Ignition is on left, coz if your wife is very angry with you she might snapped suddenly and press the ignition button!

  • Trevorfoggia
    Trevorfoggia 5 个月前

    Nice review, good car er.... truck. Stay safe and well my friend..

  • LOKgr
    LOKgr 1周前

    Great review!!

  • David Schiavone
    David Schiavone 5 个月前

    An awesome review :)! Got to admit I really like this pickup truck, its true it might be a tractor like truck but its sturdy and reliable :)

  • Andrei Pashkov
    Andrei Pashkov 5 个月前

    Looks definitely great. I wonder if the build quality and reliability overall are also great.

  • Stefan Falldorf
    Stefan Falldorf 5 个月前

    What I like about the Mitsubishi L200 is the front, the 4WD and the price. But I would like to see the new Isuzu D-Max.

  • Reeve Mason
    Reeve Mason 4 个月前

    Another great witty review Marek. Love your sense of humour. Top Gear need to get you to host

  • heinrichVSP
    heinrichVSP 2 个月前

    I like your humour

  • Mickey
    Mickey 4 个月前

    in Slovenia, the starting price is around 24500€ (with all taxes included), without the accessories ..hardtop, and the price ends around 35000€ for the top trim model, I guess our standard is much lower than you have in Poland, you are much richer, you don´t have institutional mafia-as we have.

  • Huw Williams
    Huw Williams 5 个月前(修改过)

    The major advantage of Super Select is that it has a centre differential which works similar to Land/Range Rover, allowing four wheel drive operation on high traction surfaces like metalled roads. It is not quite unique, because it's similar to the old LR Defenders and their whole range having full time 4wd. In the pickup world, certainly in most of Europe, only the VW Amarok and Mercedes X-Class V6 have full time 4wd in pickup trucks, but only Mitsubishi gives the choice of switching to rear wheel drive as a driver selected option at any time.

  • daseteam
    daseteam 5 个月前

    Thanks as always, Marek. Fun fact: Turning the ignition off would not stop a diesel (petrol, yes) Land Rover. We had farm had Land Rovers.

  • kinomraha
    kinomraha 5 个月前

    You never let me down. I'm just looking for a review for l200, and here it is :). Another good review, from you .

  • Nikolai Jakov
    Nikolai Jakov 2 个月前

    when i was in iraq i saw some of these trucks as police cars.

  • billalbion
    billalbion 1 个月前

    Throw your dirty gloves on the floor like a working man. Don't want grease, paint etc on upholstery or plastic trim.

  • Justin Chin
    Justin Chin 4 个月前

    I have the mq triton as a daily driver and love it. Drives well and not too big /long when in smaller than average streets. The ignition on the door side is nice as you don't need to go all the way in to start it when your not actually going to drive.

  • Gentian Denas
    Gentian Denas 5 个月前

    Velar has a camera washer, as well