My Dad Needs To Be Hospitalized... 下載

  • 2020年5月11日

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  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith 4 个月前

    “Ima get something nice for my mom” protect him at all costs

  • skrrt skrrrtatata
    skrrt skrrrtatata 4 个月前

    Logan keeps getting better while Jake is getting worst

    BIGROD 4 个月前

    Alright Logan is actually trying to be a better person unlike his bro

  • HK Villarreal
    HK Villarreal 4 个月前

    but can we appreciate the fact he didn’t name the video “giving a stranger 2k” to get clout

  • jimmy watson
    jimmy watson 4 个月前

    Can we get a moment of silence for Kong and Maverick

  • TheMantis
    TheMantis 4 个月前

    Notification squad!!!!

  • JaytheWize
    JaytheWize 4 个月前

    Normal people: Turn on Logan's notis and watch vids early

  • _RSTC_
    _RSTC_ 4 个月前

    I thought by hospitalized he meant to place him into an insane asylum.

  • Pablo Sánchez
    Pablo Sánchez 4 个月前

    I wish logans father meet James Charles so i could see his reaction in camera

  • Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx

    saludame si tienes manos

  • Aaron vivarais
    Aaron vivarais 4 个月前

    I would’ve died if that guy at the end said “hey Lana”

  • Billy Bob McGee
    Billy Bob McGee 3 个月前

    You should shut the ceiling fans off when sir's flying around the house. Just incase. 👍

  • DomScopeZ
    DomScopeZ 4 个月前

    Is no one going to talk about how he just pulled out 2k dollars out of his pocket?

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 4 个月前

    THIS MAN DESERVES THAT MONEY!!! “i’m going to go get something nice for my mom” what a kind gentleman and human being

  • luisjana nerhati
    luisjana nerhati 3 个月前

    You can tell Logan has such a big heart for people, he’s constantly doing things to make his friends happy and is so generous w his money.

  • crazyboyme _
    crazyboyme _ 4 个月前

    The dude he gave the money was so chill. He passed the vibe check.

  • Kyle Moran
    Kyle Moran 4 个月前

    He's a grown man talking about Lana's ass 😭

  • Ghost Soldier
    Ghost Soldier 4 个月前

    Your dad is weird hangs out with people half his age.

  • Piotrek J
    Piotrek J 4 个月前

    Polish youtuber "Friz" nominated you for the # hot16 challenge

  • Kylie Dyer
    Kylie Dyer 2 个月前

    “Quarantine is almost over” yikes