My Friends Exposed me to the World of K-Pop for the First Time 下載

  • 2020年3月14日

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  • Timotarius
    Timotarius 7 个月前

    americans : i cant read subtitles and watch movie/music at the same time

  • natalia a
    natalia a 7 个月前

    someone: what does RM stand for?

  • Daria Zhuleva
    Daria Zhuleva 7 个月前(修改过)

    "How are they so big in the US and dont even speak English" is such an American thing to say honestly 🤣 I'm from Russia, and I listen to English, French, Hindi, Korean, Spanish lyrics - when the song is good, it's good no matter what language it's in. We stan culture education and talent:)

  • 박성연
    박성연 7 个月前

    I know im late but i want to say that i’ll wait for your next reaction to BTS :)

  • ᗪεɱσηɨςΔηgει

    Its good that you actually have people with good info on BTS so you get legit stuff about them as people.

  • Aunt Hattie's Fanciful Emporium

    Those 2 girls are so adorable! I hope you show him either Mic Drop with Steve Aoki or the Cypher Melodies Live concert performance. Fun to watch. I can't believe he only gave it a 7 when he said dancing, singing, visuals were all great. Why was he holding back on the score?

  • Rebeca Ortiz
    Rebeca Ortiz 7 个月前

    when she said “they’re the whole package”....I felt that

  • infiresos ‵‵
    infiresos ‵‵ 7 个月前(修改过)

    "How are they so big in the US and don't even speak English"

  • Loba Étoile
    Loba Étoile 7 个月前(修改过)

    Why people like BTS in a nutshell:

  • Zoe Sakka
    Zoe Sakka 7 个月前

    ''Pristine and dry''

  • Delilah
    Delilah 7 个月前



    “How are they so big in the US if they don’t even speak English?”

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 7 个月前


  • Kaye Alisna
    Kaye Alisna 7 个月前

    I was like 'right girl" when the girl in black shirt said she has pick on YouTube like so right she represented the whole fandom. Thank you for the reaction though

  • zain dj
    zain dj 7 个月前

    You guys are twin things

  • tae tae's Gucci glasses
    tae tae's Gucci glasses 7 个月前(修改过)

    I've watched many kpop and pop but none can be compared to BTS! Sorry not sorry😌

  • Daryl Capunay
    Daryl Capunay 7 个月前(修改过)

    “And they were roomates”

  • Cindy Lepo
    Cindy Lepo 7 个月前

    Big Hit does not give copyright strikes for official mvs.

  • jordyn p
    jordyn p 7 个月前

    We need more videos like this one. Please show him the many bops from bts.

  • Toma Khan
    Toma Khan 7 个月前

    React to BTS "ON" live