Protesters gather in shopping malls across Hong Kong to chant slogans, stage singalongs 下載

  • 2020年5月10日

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Hundreds of protesters gathered in at least 10 shopping malls across Hong Kong on May 10, 2020 to chant slogans and sing the anthem of the anti-government movement, Glory to Hong Kong.(Photo: SCMP/Sam Tsang) Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin:


  • TedD
    TedD 4 个月前

    hong kong is over, there's no turning back. so sad, what a great city it used to be...

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H 4 个月前

    They really can do this all year, lol

  • Kirika Hinata
    Kirika Hinata 4 个月前

    Bruv...they got season 2

  • Zhongxuan Hou
    Zhongxuan Hou 4 个月前

    season 2 on air now bois😃

  • john tanker
    john tanker 4 个月前

    Let's send them all back to America, they want freedom afterall

  • shree711
    shree711 4 个月前

    Let the summer holidays come and Hong Kong re-open fully and this only gets worse from here.

  • Octavia Kustiawan
    Octavia Kustiawan 4 个月前

    The guy that was selling poster was like:

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak 4 个月前

    Hong Kong is virus free

  • Bloxy_Adrian
    Bloxy_Adrian 4 个月前

    I KNOW WHY THE PROTESTERS ARE BACK!, It’s Because Their Protest was delayed for more than 4 Months!

  • Dicey Akaza StudiosTM
    Dicey Akaza StudiosTM 4 个月前(修改过)

    I thought they were singing the Russian anthem at first.

  • Neth
    Neth 4 个月前

    So you’re born a human and fight each other because the other person don’t want to bow down to you.

  • Jerk Chicken
    Jerk Chicken 4 个月前

    I'm curious to see how this is going to play out.

  • any
    any 4 个月前

    Thanks to them, hongkong has the crowded mall in the world right now at pandemic.

  • Candzee Kitu
    Candzee Kitu 4 个月前

    I love that one of the protestors' sign had Pepe the Frog on it.

  • Jiulin
    Jiulin 4 个月前

    The virus is under control so it is time to go back to work.

  • My Music My Life
    My Music My Life 4 个月前

    Due to this pandemic, hope that the protestor and their leader need to wake up, bring down an country economy is easy, just need few weeks to few months, but to bring it up again will take many years to recover.

  • ederson barrientos
    ederson barrientos 4 个月前

    Dang this comment section it's full of trolls


    Happy mother's day can't come see you I got a protest at mall...yeah I know it's your day but I'm selfish...

  • Zeezee SD
    Zeezee SD 4 个月前

    WORLD: We should show respect & love to mum.

  • Ground Zero
    Ground Zero 4 个月前

    Funny Hong Kong never had "freedom" under British colonial rule for over 100 years yet never protested to the British!