Reacting To BTS & KPOP! 下載

  • 2020年5月14日

  • Thanks for watching :) Reacting To BTS & KPOP! Reacting To BTS & KPOP! Original Video here :) Follow Me :) ----- In today's video we check out the legendary group BTS! They have many hit kpop music video songs like mic drop, blood sweat and tears, and others! Inspired By Lilbuu2good 's first time reaction to BTS and KPOP.


  • DannyLikesPizza
    DannyLikesPizza 1 个月前

    What is your favourite BTS song? 😊

  • cool nickname
    cool nickname 1 个月前

    Man I got into them by watching backstage videos. I was observing them, trying to spot who's hating each other in the group secretly, but the joke was on me it's been three years, and I accidentally watched almost all their content. They are so sincere i love them

  • Jimin still ain't got jams _

    Omg. I love bts. Im a huge army and they are the best 😂💜💜

  • ⟬⟭Jungkook Bunny Angel⟭⟬7
    ⟬⟭Jungkook Bunny Angel⟭⟬7 1 个月前(修改过)

    Danny, they are like family. Brothers. They have been living together for almost 10 years. We ARMYs and BTS are Family. Since they came into my life my depression became better. I'm still struggling with depression, but it's better. My bias (favourite) is Jungkook aka JK.

  • KK draws
    KK draws 1 个月前


  • jiminstopia
    jiminstopia 1 个月前

    omg we love to see this

  • Chad Murphy
    Chad Murphy 1 个月前

    I love bts they are my biggest idols I am so happy you are reacting to them

  • ilapynbiang warjri
    ilapynbiang warjri 1 个月前

    Thank you for reacting to them,pls react to 'Who is BTS:The seven members of Bangtan' you can get to know more about them,they're more than just a boyband

  • Lakshmi Rekha
    Lakshmi Rekha 1 个月前

    BTS are absolutely fantastic. I hope more people recognize their talent and hard work. Thank you so much for reacting to this and please react to more BTS, we'd love to see that 💜

  • madi
    madi 1 个月前

    jungkook is my bias :))

  • Guts
    Guts 1 个月前

    I personally am not a fan of BTS but I would say BTS is ok.

  • faiza lemlouma
    faiza lemlouma 1 个月前

    please react to more bts i would love to see u react to them I really love their music and their message and if u want to know more about them react to the who is bts the seven members of bangtan by xcelset and bts crash course and my bias is jungkook and my bias wrecker is v

  • ⟬⟭Jungkook Bunny Angel⟭⟬7
    ⟬⟭Jungkook Bunny Angel⟭⟬7 1 个月前(修改过)

    React to Love yourself : Persona, Mic Drop, Boy with luv ft Halsey, ON and Spring Day. Thank you so much for the video, Danny.

  • Deyadna
    Deyadna 1 个月前(修改过)

    BTS is natural comedian, they're like real brothers so the chemistry is crazy, that clips mostly from their variety shows called "run bts" it never failed to make us laugh even the fans from different country, different language. i think thats one of the reason why their fan base is huge, beside them as a singers, they also give us never end content, show us their personality, friendship, and else, makes fans keep connected with them especially in this quarantine, we rewatch their content, they also have routine vlog to show us even they just do random things and talk to us. anyway, thank you for reacting to them. my fav song is "love maze" but if you're new i recommend "mic drop ft steve aoki" music video

  • Rose
    Rose 1 个月前

    People just put random bts clips together and call it try not to laugh challenge because the title gets many views. React to bts being chaotic crackheads at award shows or bts in America or namjoon being done with bts

  • Lachimolala
    Lachimolala 1 个月前(修改过)

    BTS are probably the best artists I will ever have to honor to listen my entire life.

  • AngelplaysGacha xx
    AngelplaysGacha xx 1 个月前

    J-hope is my bias and one of my favorite members, Suga is my favorite member

    0000INNERCHILD 1 个月前

    you could react to their newest album

  • Rose
    Rose 1 个月前

    Jin is the funniest member , I love him so much !

  • Natalie BT21
    Natalie BT21 1 个月前(修改过)

    Please reacted to Fire by BTS🙏💜