Rui Hachimura's Career High 30 points against Clippers - 12/1/19 下載

  • 2019年12月2日

  • Rui Hachimura plays the best game of his NBA career, scoring 30 points and adding 9 rebounds with 3 assists. Also played solid D against Kahwi throughout the game. Unfortunately Clippers out-matched the Wizards.


  • Jay
    Jay 9 个月前

    He's not the next Kawhi. He's the first Rui. We DC fans are more than ok with that.

  • Ying Li
    Ying Li 9 个月前

    He's better than RJ Barrett

  • Mark Quijano
    Mark Quijano 9 个月前

    One of the greatest rookies. This young guy has a better future in basketball. Just keep on learning day by day.

  • maneki neko
    maneki neko 9 个月前

    Rui was matched up against lebron james, anthony davis, kawhi leonard and paul george in a span of 3 days.

  • YT M
    YT M 9 个月前

    Kawhi be playin against himself

  • Ruke san
    Ruke san 9 个月前


  • mmm
    mmm 9 个月前


  • Faiezi abu bakar
    Faiezi abu bakar 9 个月前

    Already 30 points this early in career..keep it up!!

  • k t
    k t 9 个月前


  • Camorree Tinsley
    Camorree Tinsley 9 个月前

    Star potential; he may not be on the best team, but he's definitely getting the opportunity to develop.

  • Francesco Sasis
    Francesco Sasis 3 个月前


  • Blinks Stay fresh
    Blinks Stay fresh 9 个月前

    Interesting. I see a Japanese Kawhi and an American one, LMAO.

  • John Smith777
    John Smith777 9 个月前

    Rui Hachimura’s pull-up jumpers is similar to Kobe and that turn around jumper was nasty. Rui, #8, the young Kobe, I see you...

  • 侍JAPAN
    侍JAPAN 9 个月前

    Rui-kie of the Year

  • nabe
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    AAA AAA 9 个月前


  • M.i.c. hael
    M.i.c. hael 9 个月前

    Kawhi played against himself last night. I’m sure that was pretty weird for him.

  • Duhawma Khiangte
    Duhawma Khiangte 9 个月前

    he needs to work on his finish and pullup jumper, his talent is very raw and had a potential for a good all-star player he is lucky to play on Wizard seems like a good system for him

  • 雅マモル
    雅マモル 9 个月前


  • Masa K
    Masa K 9 个月前

    Mad respect to Rui, playing consistently in his rookie season... His 3 pointer needs to get better, but his inside plays are on point. Keep it up!