Sebastian Vettel's Best F1 Races For Ferrari 下載

  • 2020年5月12日

  • After six years at Maranello, Sebastian Vettel departs Ferrari after 2020. Here's a look back at some of his most memorable moments in the iconic red car For more F1® videos, visit Follow F1®: #F1


  • Izumado does stuff Inc.

    Its the end of an era for him and F1, let's hope he begins a new one

  • Cluz F1
    Cluz F1 4 个月前

    We will miss:

  • Shahir
    Shahir 4 个月前

    That man deserves more respect than he gets.

  • djdedh
    djdedh 4 个月前

    Ferrari is going to lose an intelligent driver with passion and heart for the whole brand ....

  • Lord Mahaveer Maldonado

    The Ferrari Master Strategy:

  • TG_ZiriteX
    TG_ZiriteX 4 个月前

    The famous words “Grazie Ragazzi” will never be forgotten.

  • Lantern Matt
    Lantern Matt 4 个月前

    what about Vettel's win in Canada 2019 that was wrongfully snatched away from him by Cry-baby-Hamilton and the Mercedes team?

  • Farisy Erhandito Siregar

    To be honest with you guys, the only thing that make the turbo hybrid era not just a wipeout wins by mercedes is vettel on ferrari.

  • karan bains
    karan bains 4 个月前(修改过)

    It must be so hard for him to leave Ferrari as he never full filled his child hood dream of being an Ferrari world champion. He also probably feels betrayed as he always backed the team when they messed up and they couldn't come to an agreement to a new contract we will never forget the famous "grazzie raggazi" and number 1. A true legend in this sport who will be remembered forever

  • Kemal Kaya
    Kemal Kaya 4 个月前

    Imagine Vettel gets the title this year

  • JW 8605
    JW 8605 4 个月前

    Just a shame he didn't get a championship title with Ferrari, something him and Alonso shared.

  • Levi The duke
    Levi The duke 4 个月前

    This is going to be one of the things that we’ll look back on and say “ wow what a driver” it’s sad to think he’s leaving Ferrari but the time has come . Wish he got 5 championships

  • aminu mohammed
    aminu mohammed 4 个月前(修改过)

    "Tribute to Vettel"

  • ATS599
    ATS599 4 个月前

    Nothing in sporting history would make me happier than Seb winning the 2020 World Championship and then walking off into the sunset. Ferrari is taking a real gamble on Charles and Carlos and it feels eerily reminiscent of when they pushed Schumacher out because they thought Raikkonen was the future. Vettel has been the heart and only driving constant of that team since 2015. He deserved better than this.

  • Henri Witt
    Henri Witt 4 个月前

    One of the coolest and funniest guy in the grid imo. I will miss his teamradios too😂 grazie ragazzie Seb

  • Cure Chronos
    Cure Chronos 2周前

    Who's here after Vettel announced he's going to Racing Point aka Aston Martin next year!? YES!!!!!

  • Amin Afshari
    Amin Afshari 4 个月前

    I'm not emotionally ready for this video yet . I knew this day would've came eventually but seeing him gone is just sad . Lets hope he will still stay in F1.

  • Luka Amanović
    Luka Amanović 4 个月前

    There's still one season to go for him in the red suit. Maybe there's still time for a couple more great races.

  • Laxman Shelar
    Laxman Shelar 4 个月前

    Seb is perfect driver always penchant to know everything related with his profession, visiting pierelli to know how tires are made and that stuff, humanity on track , always going into rivals box to congratulate them for their success...wish to see him race again and win.....

  • Real Glo
    Real Glo 4 个月前

    Sad to see him leave Ferrari, he didn’t get enough credit for his performances in 2015-2017