Snow Kong is grateful for Lisa's encouragement 孔雪儿感谢Lisa鼓励 | Youth With You2 青春有你2| iQIYI 下載

  • 2020年5月17日

  • "Youth With You" Ep20 is trending on iQIYI with multi subtitles~APP Link: Episode updated every Thursday and Saturday~Download iQIYI APP to enjoy FULL episode~ “青春有你2” 第20期正在爱奇艺国际站热播,每周四,周六晚八点各更新一期;现在下载爱奇艺App,观看多语种完整版~ Watch FULL episodes only on iQIYI EP01 Part I: episodes: Introduction:What kind of girls can become part of a girls group? What kind of girls can meet the standards of Class A? Our answer is: Endless possibilities! Let's embark to explore the mystery of X! 什么样的女生可以成为女团?什么样的女生才是A的标准?我们的答案是:无限可能。今夜,和我们一起出发吧!


  • iQIYI 爱奇艺
    iQIYI 爱奇艺 4 个月前

    Download iQIYI APP to enjoy FULL episode~

  • ending scene
    ending scene 4 个月前

    Lisa to Snow:

  • Nirmal Limbu
    Nirmal Limbu 4 个月前

    LISA knows that Snow Kong has a potential to be in a girl group.... That's why she always points her mistakes and encourage her to do better.....

  • Zophia Janel
    Zophia Janel 4 个月前

    This is for the people saying that Lisa being strict is no help.

  • M F
    M F 4 个月前

    release Snow Kong's interview session with lisa pls

  • Ruselle Mae Claudio
    Ruselle Mae Claudio 4 个月前

    I love how Lisa made Kong Xue Er believed in herself. When Lisa saw her potential, she encouraged her like no other. 3 I stan both Queens :)

  • Melarossaful
    Melarossaful 4 个月前

    I got emotional when she specifically thanked Lisa.

  • Homo sapien
    Homo sapien 4 个月前

    Lisa herself said when she is mentor she want to pressurize them to do their best and not be careless.Lisa is best mentor Hit like who agree👍

  • no name
    no name 4 个月前

    Lisa being a mentor for these girls was one of the best things that could've happened. Like the girl said, she's strict when she needs to be, but makes sure to encourage them when they are doing well. I just love how Lisa trains them, ahhhh it makes me a proud Blink ~

  • Casper M
    Casper M 4 个月前

    Jenny & Snow both give their tnx to Lisa, Lisa has done so much to them she keeps pushing them to their limits so they would give their best & work harder, as a result, they did make it to the top 20 I'm really proud of them and I'm going to miss all of them when d show was over.

  • Heur Rolyza
    Heur Rolyza 4 个月前

    Yesss lisa inspired many people and she also my role model

  • lăng tử hy
    lăng tử hy 4 个月前

    Kong Xue Er (also known as Snow) is a dancer. In 2012, she joined a survival show organized by JYP and was selected as a trainee. In 2015, she debuted in the girl group, "Lady Bees." She also made it on the list as one of the possible trainees to debut in Cosmic Girls (WJSN.) After leaving JYP, she is now part of Mountain Top Entertainment.😍😍😍

  • lily care
    lily care 4 个月前

    The best mentor ever lalisa manoban ❤

  • my dog name is kai!
    my dog name is kai! 4 个月前

    i feel like Lisa can point out something in Snow Kong, she's the girl group material!!!

  • Sophie Leesoman
    Sophie Leesoman 4 个月前

    If Lisa is your mentor, what more could you ask for? She's not strict just for the sake of being cool or different. She's doing it when it is needed. And when the trainees are doing well, Lisa never fell short praising them. Lisa's the perfect mentor for me. She's the perfect balance of strict and sweet. She'll help you improve and be the best version of yourself. Go Snow Kong! Hope you will debut!

  • louisetacz
    louisetacz 4 个月前

    Lisa brought me to kpop. Now I'm watching Chinese survival show lol. Not that I'm complaining 😉

  • lăng tử hy
    lăng tử hy 4 个月前

    Known as one of the perfect contestants who attracts a large number of fans, snow kong has both a top beauty that fits all concepts, but her dancing ability is also among the top. Xin liu in many stages😍😍😍

  • Nightstalker
    Nightstalker 4 个月前

    This is why it's important to pick a good role model. Someone who's not only talented but also has good traits. You'll strive to be like them and one day you will. I see similarities in both of their talent and personality. They're both amazing dancers and super humble. They never forget someone who made them who they are today and both are so respectful. I believe in Lisa and Snow world domination.

  • ending scene
    ending scene 4 个月前


  • Rahmi Tazkiyah
    Rahmi Tazkiyah 4 个月前

    Told ya, Lisa is the sweetest mentor