SUCH A GOOD GROUP! | REACTION to An (un)helpful Guide to Red Velvet | PSYCHO ERA Part 2 下載

  • 2020年5月12日

  • ORIGINAL VIDEO (Support them!): [NEW] An (un)helpful Guide to Red Velvet | PSYCHO ERA Deep down the Red Velvet rabbit hole we go! Falling in love with this group and especially with Seulgi!


  • Bdz mru
    Bdz mru 4 个月前

    More things to add:

  • MrBizcotti
    MrBizcotti 4 个月前

    Wendy and Seulgi are otherworldly perfect human beings. Born to be performers

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea 4 个月前

    As I already suggested watch another video about them “From failure girl group to Nation’s pride”. No need to react, just watch for yourself.

  • Henaro Jade
    Henaro Jade 4 个月前

    Plus: I don't want say this because it hurts but unfortunately Wendy got injured last December 25, 2019, the day of Christmas so they didn't promote their song "Psycho" in every music show but still the song won 9 trophies. Back to the main topic, Wendy break a bone on her hip I think and arms and her cheek, the reason of it is she fell on the stage (she fell during the rehearsal for her supposedly collaboration stage with other main vocalists of some other girlgroups). She fell because she was supposed to come out a higher part of the stage but the staffs of that show didn't put stairs for her to come down from the higher part of the stage. She is currently resting now, I think she's a little bit okay now because she's interacting on social media. She's still resting until now, she didn't show herself in public since the day she got injured so we miss her so much. Things I say is complicated but I hope you get all these

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat 4 个月前

    Seulgi is by far the best dancer in RV, but Wendy is better at freestyling.

  • Joy Heartfilia
    Joy Heartfilia 4 个月前

    During joy performance that you mentioned love her black dress, was a collaboration performance with another girl group members

  • Henaro Jade
    Henaro Jade 4 个月前

    Oh btw their first sub unit will debut soon, date is not finalize but they said it will be release soon. The first sub unit is SeulRene which is Irene and Seulgi.

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 4 个月前

    my bias wendy get well soon my wlfe

  • Felis Prasena
    Felis Prasena 3 个月前

    Irene: leader,most beautifull woman, elegant voice when she rapping, most stronger member

  • Henaro Jade
    Henaro Jade 4 个月前

    They are well known to be the Summer Queens, annually after the Red Flavor success people demand them to have comeback every summer in Korea.

  • Kyle Fuuu
    Kyle Fuuu 4 个月前

    Seulgi has ig account 👌🏻

  • Rhea Jelle Bragat
    Rhea Jelle Bragat 4 个月前

    Yey seulgi stan !!

  • Venera Мур
    Venera Мур 4 个月前


  • Im Eagle
    Im Eagle 4 个月前

    Will you react to their b-sides in the future?

  • 정명준
    정명준 3 个月前

    i think you should watch level up project 1,2,3

  • Janice Cuagdan
    Janice Cuagdan 2 个月前

    the song is from Infinite - Be Mine