• 2016年11月7日

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  • Clockwork Tangerine

    "I don't know were to look at, the camara lense or... the... mirror... the... hmm... okay hand sounds"

  • Zach Levan
    Zach Levan 3年前

    I'm not gay or anything but you are a beautiful dude

  • FDX
    FDX 3年前

    you look like the guy from ratatouille

  • Jasmyn Sinik
    Jasmyn Sinik 3年前

    I think im in love

  • Ross Eaton
    Ross Eaton 3年前

    I just want to be his friend honestly

  • AlexTheGreat
    AlexTheGreat 3年前

    Great job with the English. Believe me it's probably better than most English speakers ability to speak another language (including me).

  • Mellory Lopes
    Mellory Lopes 3年前

    I look at you and I see L from Death note.

  • Yami Neko
    Yami Neko 3年前

    Hablas español y no se te ocurre otro nombre mejor para tu canal que ano? xD

  • Frankie TWD
    Frankie TWD 3年前

    Am I the only one that picked up on the fact that he said his parents committed suicide??

  • Vilma
    Vilma 3年前

    i love how much he cusses but looks so innocent

  • Blacky pawz
    Blacky pawz 3年前

    You look a bit shy and you are so cute, love your adorable curly hair, i'm also spanish

  • totally not chloe

    ive never seen someone pull off orange so well tbh

  • backatitagainwithbroadway

    The Most Beautiful Hybrid of Percy Jackson and Pietro Maximoff With The Voice and Smile of God's Greatest Angel™: i'm probably gonna hate this video, i'm saying the f word too much, i get nervous i'm sorry...

  • Clareee ASMR
    Clareee ASMR 3年前

    You are becoming one of my favourites now! :D

  • SpongeGobler
    SpongeGobler 3年前(修改过)

    Is it just me or does it look like he broke out of prison and he said he killed his friends cause they knew his secret

  • Anthony Hayes
    Anthony Hayes 3年前

    "That's the thing about the hairs. They grow." It gets me every time.

  • SilentGeisha
    SilentGeisha 3年前

    Was relaxed until I heard what sounded like "I can count to potato." Then I fell off my bed laughing

  • Amyz Skier
    Amyz Skier 3年前

    Beck from victorious???

  • Tom Petty
    Tom Petty 3年前

    He reminds me of what Grover should have looked like in the Percy Jackson series