The BEST Anime of Spring 2020 - Ones To Watch 下載

  • 2020年4月18日

  • Spring is here once more, and while we already have a solid excuse to stay inside this year, we still need stuff to do in there. Good thing we have anime! From handsome rich jerks, to inventive rich jerks, to lady rich jerks trying to be less jerky so they don't get dead, these are the Ones to Watch for Spring 2020 Support me on Patreon: Subscribe to Mother's Basement for anime and gaming videos every week: Validate me! Follow me on twitter: Also on facebook: And check out my Steam Curator page: and the new Mother's Basement Subreddit: In the depths of his Mother's Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.


  • brandon roberts
    brandon roberts 5 个月前

    enjoyed these, but you need to stop peddling this conspiracy about the existence of "outside"

  • Andrew Immanuel
    Andrew Immanuel 5 个月前(修改过)

    Here's The list of Anime that mentioned in the video

  • Libra Super Star
    Libra Super Star 5 个月前

    I explained the concept of Gleipnir to my best friend and he responded with “like ratatouille”

  • Tinkerlin
    Tinkerlin 5 个月前(修改过)

    "Otome game? Thats a new one!"

  • Cameron様
    Cameron様 5 个月前

    No one is seriously going to comment about his intro with the jumpscare video from 2007? Anyone?

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat 5 个月前

    "She kinda makes Aqua look like Eris"

  • Superdawg -_-
    Superdawg -_- 5 个月前

    I reccomend that EVERYONE should read Tower of God on Webtoons

  • Mazzarin
    Mazzarin 5 个月前

    Sing "Yesterday" for Me is actually hitting too close to home with only 3 episodes out, I'm just in love with this show.

  • Tommy Amberson
    Tommy Amberson 3 个月前

    He needs to climb the tower to find Rachel:

  • ilvanezzo
    ilvanezzo 5 个月前

    Anime watchers: "oh an otome game isekai, what a novel concept"

  • Queen Penguin56
    Queen Penguin56 5 个月前

    "Daddy Daisuke is way too handsome to eat anyway"

  • Exile
    Exile 4 个月前


  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake 4 个月前

    Road to 1 Million!!!

  • Not-Lukas
    Not-Lukas 5 个月前

    "Otome Game that's a new one" Manga and light novel readers: "It's just the beginning, run while u can"

  • Thomas Clifford
    Thomas Clifford 5 个月前

    Me at the start of this week: I'll check out this tower of god anime

  • nuts and bolts
    nuts and bolts 5 个月前(修改过)

    Boy turns into a disturbing fursuit:

  • Mike P
    Mike P 5 个月前

    Why is everyone is ignoring Arte.

  • Pale Ghost
    Pale Ghost 3 个月前

    I almost got a heartattack just looking at the first second of this video.

  • RayCloud
    RayCloud 4 个月前

    Bruh, saw that intro with the car and began lowering my volume

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "Horny in an incessant, overwhelming, deeply uncomfortable manner that bleeds into the brutal violence until the line between those aspects of the show all but disappears"