Top 5 Best Defensive Vehicles In Gta 5 Online 下載

  • 2019年8月22日

  • In todays video we'll look at the top 5 best defensive vehicles, these are vehicles that could take tons of abuse before they are die and vehicles that could keep the occupants safe inside, these vehicles are ground vehicles only. My Merchandise: Discord: B11 Strikeforce Cannon Petition: Music Mostly From Equipment I use: Pc I edit on: Microphone I use: Instagram Twitter Twitch Gta 5 Shark Card Gta 5 Crew Dark Eagle Squad


  • Deus Exodus
    Deus Exodus 4 个月前

    The armor for the terrorbyte isn't bugged, its just that strong

  • A.
    A. 1年前(修改过)

    Faggio can take 200 homing missiles and can even dodge them by doing circle like jets

  • James
    James 1年前

    "Checking your text for profanity" 3 hours later........still checking you naughty boy 😬

  • Poopy John
    Poopy John 1年前

    When you test the explosive resistance speed up the video; 17 minutes for a top 5 list a bit too long.

  • Snake Friesia
    Snake Friesia 1年前

    set up a test :

  • Anonymous llIllIll

    Thanks hummer for listening to me about putting the text longer I love that you listen to your fan base

    CJ BUSTA :D 1年前

    Damn Train:

  • psychobeam99
    psychobeam99 1年前(修改过)

    Why didnt you tell us the explosive resistances of the halftrack? Just seems strange its the one vehicle where we didnt get told or showed the total amount of missiles it can suffer.

  • Lizete Greene
    Lizete Greene 3 个月前


  • Mr Spook
    Mr Spook 1年前

    I got an moc and every one who tries to blow me up report me or say I'm cheating or in god mode.... because they try so hard to kill me... too bad it can't be equipped with land mines..

  • Silk Revolver Gaming

    my favorite is the insurgent pickup. i make them chase me to small cover street, i throw proximity mines. most of the time they fall.

  • Robert Fairman
    Robert Fairman 2 个月前

    "The Opussyer MK 2" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Steph PC GTA Player

    Heavy revolver w fmj rounds, an MOC cab, plus good aim is always a good time..

  • Natsuki-Nero
    Natsuki-Nero 1年前

    The MOC is DarkSide boss from Twisted Metal 3

  • Megar_ Potato
    Megar_ Potato 1 个月前

    Doing Haulage with MOC Cab as 3 oppressor mk2's desperately try to blow you up is hilarious.

  • Lack
    Lack 1年前

    Geez first. Love ya Hummer

  • AL Fr0sty
    AL Fr0sty 1年前

    Stromberg is the best in my opinion!!!❤️

  • john wilkes boof

    Whats with the ending?? I came here to be informed not reminisce of my dead wife

  • Lexsa
    Lexsa 4 个月前

    Perfect for the alien war😂

  • alan salamov
    alan salamov 11 个月前

    That night shark looks exactly like my one lol but I don't use it it's basically dead space rlly