• 2019年4月26日

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  • Bri Heart
    Bri Heart 1年前

    ANNOUNCEMENT! I Just launched a Patreon woohoo! I'm going to offer tons of perks including: behind the scenes, free downloads, follow backs on my social media, and if you're a singer I will do custom reviews! Your support of this channel means so much to me!! THANK YOU! xoxo 😘💕

  • Solid kpop Fan
    Solid kpop Fan 1年前

    Lets count how many once are watching this

  • Calvin Bass
    Calvin Bass 1年前

    the girl you said had a pretty ellie goulding like tone is Dahyun! she's very underrated in the group and it's so rare for nonfans to point her out so thats awesome you noticed her cause i always said the same thing. she also knows how to play piano so if she ever did a solo, im tuning in lol

  • ONCEuponaTWICE 원스어펀어트와이스

    YEAH~!!! Thankyou for reacting to TWICE! TWICE is the most popular girl group in Korea right now. They are also known as the Nation's Girl Group. They debuted in 2015, and released mega hit songs since then. They are 3rd generation of Kpop girl group. TWICE usually do colorful, bright Kpop, and this one is their first try of changing their concept.

  • Once Jae
    Once Jae 1年前

    Diamond Scene - Nayeon

  • Fkais N. Lastname


  • B.T. Nguyen
    B.T. Nguyen 1年前

    What I appreciate so far is how you don’t initially slam the members of the groups’ vocals or straight criticize their tones, voices, etc. but actually try to understand why they are using certain techniques. It’s kind of refreshing to hear you actually praise their hard work from a singer’s perspective

  • Real _bangtwice _moments

    Dahyun Having A Solo.

    Nik Z ARMYBOY 1年前

    Twice, One of the Top KPOP GirlGroups!!

  • Didaboca
    Didaboca 1年前

    The top girl group TWICE, the girl that did it the high note is jihyo and her voice is WOW!

  • — Ailyanne —
    — Ailyanne — 1年前(修改过)

    YES! I love Dahyun. (The one laying down.) she’s my favorite in the group, and is a rapper. Sadly, she usually doesn’t get a lot of singing lines, so I’m really happy that she got some lines in this comeback.

    BLACKPINK just LISA STAND 1年前(修改过)

    I Know JIHYO on Twice, such have a nice Vocal

  • Ry1459
    Ry1459 1年前

    TWICE is arguably the biggest girl group in Korea, often called "The Nation's Girl Group." They debuted in 2015 with "Ooh Ahh," but grew immensely popular with "Cheer Up" (2016), "TT" (2016) and 'Likey" (2017). They are personally my favorite group and consist of 9 memebers. This song is a slightly different sound for them (more mature/retro), as compared to their past discorgraphy, but still has their distinct style that made them so popular.

  • PENGUIN名井 南

    It's Jihyo who did the high note, she is the main vocal & leader at twice :)

  • Bri Heart
    Bri Heart 1年前

    Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the vid! Let me know what song you want me to react to/review next! Also I wanna get to know you guys better! Leave your country in the comments and I'll w/b! 😘

  • ahidahid
    ahidahid 1年前

    What a detailed reaction. I LIKE IT. New subscriber 😁

  • 나정모사지미다채쯔
    나정모사지미다채쯔 1年前(修改过)

    I loved this! Please react more to twice! Twice recently became the girl group with the highest album sales in korea!! They debuted in 2015, went viral in korea with their songs Cheer Up and TT, and now they're the most popular kpop girl group!

  • Jutan Remen
    Jutan Remen 1年前

    That's Jihyo and they're currently the nationa's girl group.

  • Red Cherryyy
    Red Cherryyy 1年前(修改过)

    The girl in the blonde your talking about is Dahyun! She’s one of the rappers.

  • Twice Is The Revolution

    "this song is so cutesy"