UK Students React To An Unhelpful Guide To TWICE (Part 1) 下載

  • 2020年4月30日

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  • fathin 96
    fathin 96 4 个月前

    minariiii, she trained ballet for 11 yrs. Your fav jihyo will be the first one in part 2

  • ani la
    ani la 4 个月前

    React to a beginner's guide to TWICE by gaypop it's the best

  • Agr
    Agr 4 个月前

    You should check out A Beginner's Guide to Twice Who is Who! It's the most helpful and informative to date!

  • Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train

    my mans in the middle got taste, Chaeyoung best girl!!

  • Dreamz Eater
    Dreamz Eater 4 个月前

    Chaeyoung is the member with most credits for Twice albums ( writing lyrics, composing, designing Twice album cover, designing shoes and designig Twice T-Shirt for their concert )

  • Anna J
    Anna J 4 个月前

    Part two has Jihyo, your bias! It'll show her with long hair though, since it was made a while back

  • douaa
    douaa 4 个月前

    Part 2 pleasseee (im in love this video is so good guys))

  • Pitchayaree Piluek
    Pitchayaree Piluek 4 个月前

    I see TWICE, I click. Lol

  • Elle Chan
    Elle Chan 4 个月前

    Hi 🙋.... Welcome to our Fandom (ONCE)

  • takoa ganiem
    takoa ganiem 4 个月前

    yeeees plz we want a part two

  • noli
    noli 4 个月前

    waiting for part 2

  • MJ P
    MJ P 4 个月前

    Chaeyoung is my fav too

  • yassmine A
    yassmine A 4 个月前

    You had to react to biginners guid to twice by gaypop

  • 2whyce
    2whyce 4 个月前

    My favorite is Momo and Jihyo ❤️

  • Christopher Dayag
    Christopher Dayag 4 个月前

    please react to some of the recent twice guides, this one is an old one.

  • ani la
    ani la 4 个月前

    Check out TWICE seize the light teasers and ep 1 pleaseeeeeeeee 🙏

  • Z
    Z 2周前

    The sports bits are from ISAC (Idol Star Athletic Competition). It's an event where a bunch of idols go a compete in various sports with each other

  • 2whyce
    2whyce 4 个月前

    122 likes YAY! can't wait for part 2!!

  • fancy fancy
    fancy fancy 4 个月前

    Tzuyu is my bias :-)

  • Zulaykah Begum
    Zulaykah Begum 4 个月前

    Plz react to gidle