UK Students React To JENNIE - 'SOLO' M/V 下載

  • 2020年5月13日

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  • Soomi Nam
    Soomi Nam 4 个月前

    its not a diss to her members lol. its about a relationship. each member is getting a solo project they all support each other. there was also a live performance where the other members joined in on the dance break which was dope as fck.

  • La Anaiy
    La Anaiy 4 个月前(修改过)

    Please react to Jennie an Ace? or Solo making film 😍😍🙏🏻

  • Nikki
    Nikki 4 个月前

    Please react to Jennie Kim the baddest b- in kpop and Jennie Kim an ace

  • Sihaam Hassan
    Sihaam Hassan 4 个月前(修改过)

    Well YG the entertainment of Blackpink decided to make each member of Blackpink solo. As you can see Jennie so far is the only member to have a solo soo it isn’t a diss towards the other members. After Jennie is Rosè then Lisa then Jisoo soo yh

  • Isabel Mc Namara
    Isabel Mc Namara 4 个月前

    Queen Jennie 👑, she is hella slept on 😭💞

  • Lisa
    Lisa 4 个月前

    Thank you for reacting to SOLO mv. ❤

  • Armysam
    Armysam 4 个月前

    to see her rapping skills and stage presence react to "Why JENNIE KIM from BLACKPINK is ONE THE BEST MAIN RAPPER" yt vid, she kills it !! To see a bit of her personality react to"JENNIE BEING SAVAGE Compilation "

  • Basar Dedeoglu
    Basar Dedeoglu 4 个月前

    Enjoyed the reaction please also react to Why Jennie kim of Blackpink is one of the best Main rappers thank you

  • Laura tanner
    Laura tanner 4 个月前

    Please react to Jennie's STARXY rap compilation, she is an insane rapper, one of the fastest in k-pop.

  • mari ganiem
    mari ganiem 4 个月前

    Plsss reaction to twice in mama 2019

    ROSÉ MIN 4 个月前(修改过)

    Noooo it's not a diss!!! 😭💔💔

  • EsterBrigitte
    EsterBrigitte 4 个月前

    Please react to "why everyone wants main rapper jennie to comeback"

  • ForJennie Kim
    ForJennie Kim 4 个月前

    The Solo mv was filmed in London.

  • Chile
    Chile 4 个月前(修改过)

    please react to solo+dududu+forever young live in 2018 SBS GAYODAEJUN you dont wanna miss it

  • Blackpink J
    Blackpink J 4 个月前

    Please more Jennie queen ❤️

  • Armysam
    Armysam 4 个月前

    Jennie= main rapper/ lisa= main dancer/ rose= main vocalist/ jisoo = main visual (korean beauty standard). lisa is thai, the rest all korean.

  • hxbsm sam
    hxbsm sam 4 个月前(修改过)

    React to her performance of Solo in "IN YOUR AREA" HongKong. She is super hot there.

  • M. U
    M. U 4 个月前

    I think some of the mv was filmed in london.

  • z z
    z z 4 个月前


  • Hannah Lidiah Franco
    Hannah Lidiah Franco 4 个月前

    Thanks for reacting pls react to solo stage live