VOCAL COACH Reacts to BLACKPINK LISA's INSANE Stage Presence & Confidence Performing 下載

  • 2020年5月12日

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  • Britha Arulmuni
    Britha Arulmuni 4 个月前

    Justin: She doesn't take herself too seriously

  • ybor Bdrz
    ybor Bdrz 4 个月前

    I am SIMPLE.

  • gideon artistry
    gideon artistry 4 个月前

    Thats true, Lisa also changes my life for the better.

  • 꿀벌 가차hxneybee_gacha
    꿀벌 가차hxneybee_gacha 4 个月前(修改过)

    BTS vibing to BLACKPINK 😂

  • liza Pandis
    liza Pandis 4 个月前

    Lisa is so charismatic, the way she performs it transfers to her audience. Love Lisa so much! Queen Lisa

    LËĘ ŸUNHĘË 4 个月前

    For the truth I fell in love on kpop because of her I love her charisma and persona and I wanna learn from her and I am just too happy that we are born in the same day and we have the same blood type so I think with her I'll get confidence and trust in myself and I wish when I grow up to be like her because I am only 14 y old so it's my dream thank you Lisa you showed us what it means dance music everything you are the QUEEN❤❤❤

  • Jyuna K
    Jyuna K 4 个月前

    Did heee get jealous when he see Lisa with other man😭😭💗? OH Man U are in love 😉

  • ange lalala
    ange lalala 2 个月前

    Lisa dancing with a guy

  • Diana D'Ippolito
    Diana D'Ippolito 4 个月前


  • Naws Sa19
    Naws Sa19 4 个月前

    I know this is random but can you react to Dean. He's a KR&B singer and his songs and voice are so good.

  • Power AS-1
    Power AS-1 4 个月前

    She is the queen of kpop 👑💗

  • I like Brooklyn 99
    I like Brooklyn 99 4 个月前

    In my opinion, her stage presence is similar with Lisa Left Eye from Tlc. They can sing & rap. Also they are always so energetic at stage. Idk how to explain it but they have the same energy, same swag. When they are singing or rapping in stage they are doing some extra dance moves for hyping the crowd. Plus, one time Lisa (blackpink) was in China for a promotion and then she had to go to Japan for their concert. She had a long flight & she had short time for sleeping & relaxing a little bit. And in this concert she was so freaking energetic. She was even energetic than the other members. I'm still in shook about this whole thing. Her energy is crazy

  • Amber Kiely
    Amber Kiely 4 个月前

    The first clip is actually from an award show, that's why the crowd isn't so interactive and the stadium is massive! Korean award shows go all out

  • Lejindary Jinius
    Lejindary Jinius 4 个月前


  • Tahanie A
    Tahanie A 4 个月前

    You should react to her lilifilms #1 and #2 since you reacted to the third one

  • Jeremae Lagasca
    Jeremae Lagasca 4 个月前

    React to LOVE by rosé and lisa, it’s live and you’ll fell for their vocals!

  • Lame -is
    Lame -is 4 个月前

    Yes! Lisa is sucha queen!

  • AliOfNeverland
    AliOfNeverland 4 个月前

    He got so distracted when lisa was suddenly dancing with a guy 😂😂

  • Rand Alfahad
    Rand Alfahad 4 个月前

    Lisa:the queen of stage presence

  • [정윤-국-Jeong Yun-Guk]

    You should react to ‘Jennie and Lisa English Rap’ Ilysm btw💜