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  • 2017年5月9日

  • The Volvo XC90 leads the Swedish firm’s foray into the premium SUV market. Its sharp looks, spacious and well-built interior and class-leading safety tech make it a tempting proposition, but is it a better bet than an Audi Q7 or a Mercedes GLE? Watch my in-depth video review to find out if this is the stylish high-riding family car for you or whether you’d be better off with one of its German rivals. Subscribe to carwow on youtube – Read our full Volvo XC90 review – Volvo XC90 infotainment and interior review – Volvo XC90 practicality review – Volvo XC90 360 degree video – See the best Volvo XC90 deals – Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal. Visit our site to save money on your new car –


  • lapamful
    lapamful 3年前

    With the seats down it has a boot capacity of 6,984 Swedish meatballs...

  • Meni Fo
    Meni Fo 2年前

    Much more premium looking inside out than an Audi Q7.

  • TheMrCrumble
    TheMrCrumble 3年前

    holy.. it's huge inside

  • Jonathan Rydberg

    Swedish masterpiece

  • Benjamin M
    Benjamin M 2年前

    Here in sweden all people have this car lol

  • J p
    J p 3年前

    finally he didn't mention bmw idrive

  • David
    David 3年前

    This guy really has mastered his craft. Respect.

  • Zameer MD
    Zameer MD 3年前

    I'm getting my s90 soon.

  • BSG
    BSG 3年前

    Those LED headlights...

  • Nicholas Gunson
    Nicholas Gunson 3年前

    it has air conditioning in the glove box for drinks

  • Henry Rahardja
    Henry Rahardja 3年前

    even if i have the money to get Bentayga, G Class AMG, or the new suv by Rolls or Lamborghini, i'd still get this. It just so damn gorgeous and practical

  • Earione
    Earione 3年前


  • Felix O.
    Felix O. 3年前

    By far my most favourite SUV. I love the look, and also it is Volvo, soo...

  • deathbastardable

    And people laughed when Volvo became Chinese-owned...

  • NaZajawieUK
    NaZajawieUK 1年前

    I had a chance to drive one of these ones. I must say. Im so amazed by this car. It looks super giant from outside but inside you feel like in ariplane. Must buy

  • Bring back V12s and V10s

    i love this suv, my favourite, best in class for me.

  • VStanced
    VStanced 3年前

    honestly out of all the big SUV's I'd be driving away in the volvo! just seems like it is the best all around.

  • RichieT5
    RichieT5 3年前

    Fabulous car, I want to fall into a coma at the mention of the bloody Q7 - such a soulless, very ugly car. And common as muck. Volvo is a brand for thinkers and those who want to be different from the brand sheep...

  • Stephan Viljoen
    Stephan Viljoen 2 个月前

    Hey man. Do a review of the new XC 90 🙏. It's been a few years, so it would be nice to compare.

  • Massimiliano Carraro

    Comparing this great car with a stupid, awful, meaningless, clumsy super ugly and pointless Q7 it's a shame