We Saved His Life... 下載

  • 2020年5月6日

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  • Thanos The Titan
    Thanos The Titan 4 个月前

    Props to Logan for saying, "cut the camera"

  • Prophet CERBERUS
    Prophet CERBERUS 4 个月前

    Logan: shows mike an injured owl

  • Joey Perrone
    Joey Perrone 3 个月前(修改过)

    “You’re not a bird you’re an owl.”

  • Marcus Holland
    Marcus Holland 4 个月前

    "hold on my parrots freaking out sorry" LMAO

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 4 个月前

    The crazy part is that most people would’ve been like

  • Katie Louise
    Katie Louise 4 个月前

    “You ain’t a bird, you’re an owl”

  • kep on tryin
    kep on tryin 4 个月前

    Logan has lost animals but I’m glad he is now able to save them

  • Ivynew Jppepper
    Ivynew Jppepper 1 个月前

    Logan: Saves an owl.

  • Kubeq
    Kubeq 4 个月前

    Friz nominated you for hot16challenge

  • Rock Bax
    Rock Bax 4 个月前


  • Wilda Beatz
    Wilda Beatz 4 个月前

    if logans vlogs were like 7 - 8 minutes they would be literally perfect

  • ProssCraft TV
    ProssCraft TV 4 个月前

    Brother you have been nominated by a guy called Friz to hot16 challenge, let's get it done, and the purpose of it it's to donate some money for health care. RAP IT BRO.

  • Haribo smak radości
    Haribo smak radości 4 个月前

    Karol "Friz" Wiśniewski nominated you for hot16challenge

  • Taboo
    Taboo 4 个月前

    Friz nominated you for hot16challenge

  • Dominik Kuś
    Dominik Kuś 4 个月前

    friz nominated you to hot16challenge

  • Shalo
    Shalo 4 个月前

    Logan has actually turned into a person that people could actually look up to.

  • Jakub Matuszak
    Jakub Matuszak 4 个月前

    You got nominated to hot16challenge2

  • Bandyta6666
    Bandyta6666 4 个月前

    Friz nominated you for hot16challenge

  • Maczkuś
    Maczkuś 4 个月前

    friz nominated you to hot16challenge

  • NoUpBTW
    NoUpBTW 4 个月前

    Logan you were nominated by friz for Polish challeng hot16 where you pay money for covid 19.