"Who is BTS? The Seven Members of Bangtan" Reaction! 下載

  • 2020年4月6日

  • I can't wait to see more MVs from this group! Twitter: https://twitter.com/TooGrownYT Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu0If...


  • Adan B
    Adan B 5 个月前

    "They're funny"

  • M Bueno
    M Bueno 5 个月前

    Jin: "I am the Worldwide Handsome"

  • emilie
    emilie 5 个月前(修改过)

    BTS Songs

  • Simen Storeheier
    Simen Storeheier 5 个月前

    RM also had a collaboration with Lil Nas X: “Old Town Road - Remix” (also called “Seoul Town Road”)

  • Hobi's Bucket hat
    Hobi's Bucket hat 4 个月前

    "He went to nerd to hot in 5 seconds"

  • Brittany Allison
    Brittany Allison 5 个月前

    Yes all those songs were BTS songs. And the part where they were promoting their own concert, that was really early on when they were still trying to gain popularity. They were the underdogs and had to work really hard to get this famous. You should react to, from nobodies to legends (2019).

  • meow
    meow 5 个月前(修改过)

    Just a fan fact

  • Chiara BTS-ARMY
    Chiara BTS-ARMY 4 个月前

    I watch this video like a proud Army. When he’s shocked I’m like “I know I know, I feel you” 😂

  • Laura Espada
    Laura Espada 5 个月前

    RM : Jimin... you've got no jams

    ZHEKE 5 个月前

    an inside jokes from both army's and onces is Jimin and Jeongyeons beef on each other and it's still remains as one of the best kpop mysteries ever :)

    DEDEDEXD LOL 5 个月前

    All BTS MVs in Order

  • Thicc_ taco
    Thicc_ taco 4 个月前


  • Eileen Chang
    Eileen Chang 5 个月前

    Him: What are these guys???

  • Sheryl Argonzola
    Sheryl Argonzola 5 个月前

    Please react to

  • Afua Duodu
    Afua Duodu 5 个月前

    Honestly Suga isn't really like tired and introverted all the time sometime he acts like a crackhead

  • Kpop Saranghe
    Kpop Saranghe 5 个月前

    Jimin dance and sing so good but he's so hard with himself

  • M3TA
    M3TA 5 个月前

    Lol “eat jin” is the funniest thing it sounds like a session where fangirls looking at jin like a snack 😂

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 5 个月前

    Who only came here because BTS

  • Kim Luna
    Kim Luna 4 个月前

    Him: he went from nerd to hot...

  • dusk闇
    dusk闇 4 个月前(修改过)