The Real Reasons Coronavirus Hits Some Communities Harder Than Others 下載

  • 2020年5月13日

  • The Bronx has fewer people than Manhattan but almost double the amount of COVID-19 cases and deaths. We dive into the economic, societal, and healthcare landscapes of the two New York City boroughs to understand why COVID-19 is two times deadlier in the Bronx. MORE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE: What Happens After You Call 911 For The Coronavirus Daily Diaries From 4 Coronavirus Doctors During The Pandemic What Hospitals Fighting The Coronavirus Look Like Around The World ------------------------------------------------------ #Coronavirus #COVID19 #BusinessInsider Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more. Visit us at: Subscribe: BI on Facebook: BI on Instagram: BI on Twitter: BI on Amazon Prime: The Real Reasons Coronavirus Hits Some Communities Harder Than Others


  • outlander
    outlander 4 个月前

    I live in the Bronx. this is nothing new. everybody in NYC knows this, nobody's gonna do anything about it.

  • Contingency theory
    Contingency theory 4 个月前

    It's basically the wealthy vs the poor

  • S _
    S _ 4 个月前

    I knew it was rough in the Bronx but I didn’t know it was that bad. This is sad.

  • Vít Paník
    Vít Paník 4 个月前

    Because Bronx has the problem even before Coronavirus...

  • darealphantom
    darealphantom 4 个月前(修改过)

    Wealth gap is the answer. I pray for everybody in the Bronx I have friends there it's really bad

  • Anthony Ng
    Anthony Ng 4 个月前

    An essential worker should be paid more than a non essential worker. Duh.

  • David Hacker
    David Hacker 4 个月前

    Damn! Really interesting content, very well explained.

  • jeroen
    jeroen 4 个月前

    kinda sucks the civilized world has to work like this. i feel privileged and disgusted in equal amounts.

  • OldTrafford King
    OldTrafford King 4 个月前

    Racial and social economic inequality exists in NYC

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    Oh man, I didn't know that covid19 could hit people too, I thought it would just infect you

  • Eli Lurie
    Eli Lurie 4 个月前

    They dont eat fat and salt - they eat SUGAR!

  • Seafox
    Seafox 4 个月前

    in short, covid-19 reveals the reality in every sector

  • Ducky MoMo
    Ducky MoMo 4 个月前

    Who is elected to office over those communities? 🤔

  • OldTrafford King
    OldTrafford King 4 个月前

    Basically the Bronx are sacrificial essential lambs

  • lyca0n
    lyca0n 4 个月前

    Damn, this is like looking at the difference between north and south side Dublin

  • Rafick Bdaro
    Rafick Bdaro 4 个月前

    I thought we in Queens were the worst hit borough i guess we have been unseated. Pray for the Bronx truly!

  • -Love -Life
    -Love -Life 4 个月前

    It’s the lack of medical care that “ certain” areas get. Nothing new. But the affects of covid are gonna be used to help speed up gentrification.

  • Albay Hüsamettin Bey
    Albay Hüsamettin Bey 4 个月前

    usa is nothing like how they show it to us in the movies, is it?

  • random guy
    random guy 4 个月前

    I really dont get it 🤷‍♂️ The united states is one of the biggest economies in the world but i mostly see the poor side of it that makes me think its a third world country where does all the money go🤔

  • Ana Martin
    Ana Martin 4 个月前

    Very well explained. Thanks!