Xiamen Air's B787 Surprise Theme Flight 下載

  • 2019年12月21日

  • I flew with Xiamen Air from Amsterdam to Xiamen, China. My flight was operated by a B787-9 in special "In Support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals" livery. I used KLM New Crown Lounge before flight. During my flight, I was surprised by all the sustainable theme and tips decorated on the overhead bins. Xiamen Air support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This is a video review of the latest Xiamen Air's inflight product. I was introduced to some of the new features such as sommelier, tea service and a library on-board. It is nearly Christmas time, so I brought some Christmas decoration and helped the crew to decorate up the trolley to surprise and make the flight more memorable. It was nice to see the smile on the littler traveler's face!


  • Rayan Khan
    Rayan Khan 9 个月前

    it’s not a Sam Chui video without him flirting with the flight attendant😂

  • shinn khant pyi
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  • L kiko
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  • krishna sarki
    krishna sarki 9 个月前

    You are so handsome also and his expression is 🤩🤩🤩. Nice one

  • 太陽
    太陽 9 个月前


  • Hiba Labz is COOL
    Hiba Labz is COOL 3 个月前

    When she said “The special thing here.......is me” I cringed xD

  • Dylan Lopez
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  • Tracey Turner
    Tracey Turner 9 个月前

    I work at JFK airport in NYC and I see flight attendants for Xiamen all the time. They are very pretty. Great video again Sam. Love you and your channel! Hope I can meet you one day.

  • Evan J
    Evan J 9 个月前

    I've flown Xiamen Airlines many times domestically in China (I recognized that approach, shame it's always so hazy). Xiamen is my second favorite domestic airline in China behind Cathay Dragon. Xiamen Air is definitely underrated and I would consider them as an international carrier in the future, thanks for sharing!

  • Samuel Hester
    Samuel Hester 9 个月前

    Adorably embarrassed Sam, can hand out the compliments but getting them is a different matter. 😂

  • Diego Jose Bate
    Diego Jose Bate 4 个月前(修改过)

    Sam: “very nice looking flight attendant”

  • TM
    TM 9 个月前

    I heard xiamen only hires pretty flight attendants

  • knightzf
    knightzf 9 个月前

    the flight attendant is adorable

  • Majboos
    Majboos 9 个月前

    ofc sam is flirting with the flight attendant

  • Fred Watson
    Fred Watson 9 个月前

    I really like the library idea. I guess the reading time of each book should not exceed the duration of the flight to allow completion, but hey, what a great idea!

  • Lycan
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  • Titus Warren
    Titus Warren 9 个月前

    This is epic Sam!

  • Claude XU
    Claude XU 9 个月前

    Sam is also an expert of wine tasting inspired by airlines across the world

  • Kurnma377
    Kurnma377 1 个月前(修改过)

    Xiamen Air : “hey can i copy your homework”